Video Description & Transcript:
  Computer Access: Reading Systems

Caption: [Computer Access: Reading Systems]

A computer monitor is shown as a synthesized voice speaks what is written on the screen.

Computer [synthesized voice]: “…who was born in 1829…”

[The computer’s synthesized voice continues to speak at a soft level]

Narrator: “Reading systems, which involve both hardware and software, are helpful for people who find if difficult to hold printed material or turn pages.”

A book is placed on a scanner. A computer monitor is shown; words are highlighted on the screen as the synthesized voice speaks each word.

Narrator: “A scanner converts hard copy printed material or turn pages. A scanner converts hard copy into a digital image, which is then converted into a text file that is recognized by the computer. Next, the words come up on the screen at the same time that a speech synthesizer reads them.”

Dan is sitting in an office with windows that look out onto the computer lab behind him.

Dan: “A person might not be able to manipulate a scanner and a book independently but once that information has been collected they can take it, on a disk, and access it whenever they need to do so.”

[Used with permission from:

University of Washington
206-685-DOIT (Voice/TTY)
206-221-4171 (FAX)

Director: Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.

This clip is from "Working Together: Computers and People with Mobility Impairments” Copyrighted 2000]