Video Description and Transcript from Harper Graduation

Steve is shown with cap and gown, seated in his wheelchair. The camera moves in for a close up of the display on his communication device.

Reporter: “Steve is among a growing number of disabled persons completing higher education with the help of technology and unique education programs that assist the disabled. Twenty-three other students with cerebral palsy are also working toward their degree here at Shoreline Community College.”

Mix of views of Steve in his chair, the audience at graduation and the commencement moderator at the podium. Transition to a close up of a woman’s face.

Gladys Harper, Steve’s mother: “Steve has worked so long and so hard and it gives him a chance to have a career and do something that he’ll feel good about and that’s what it’s all about.”

View of Steve on stage with a man pushing his wheelchair. A woman crosses in front of them, then returns to stand with them with Steve’s diploma in hand.

Loudspeaker: “Steve Harper”

[Screams and applause from the audience.]

Reporter: “With his Associate’s degree in hand, Steve next moves on to the University of Washington.”

Close up of Steve activating switches on both sides of his head.
[Audible beeps and breathing]

Close up of the display of his device although it is unreadable with the glare.
Woman’s voice reading Steve’s typing: “I want to go into computers. I love it.”

Steve’s wheelchair is pushed down a ramp and he is accompanied by another man in cap and gown and two women. The camera turns and captures the audience watching.

Reporter: “…to eventually help other disabled people follow his lead into the workforce. In Shoreline, Meg O’Connor, Channel 11 News.”