Video Description & Transcript:
  Steve Harper at Work

Caption: [Steve Harper at Work]

Caption: [Morse code beeps heard throughout clip]

Steve is sitting in his power wheelchair facing his communication device. His work computer is to his side.

Narrator: “Steve Harper works at Edmonds Community College as an ‘Applications Specialist Intranet Developer’.”

Narrator: “Steve’s Gemini and work computer are wirelessly connected. He uses Morse Code commands to direct them. By specifically activated his dual headswitches, Steve dictates the code he wants the Gemini to produce.”

The monitor for Steve’s work computer changes screens as Steve commands it through the wireless connection with his Gemini.

Narrator: “Here is an example of a website that Steve made. It can only be accessed by faculty and staff.”

A close-up view of a website made by Steve is shown.

Narrator: “Steve works with a team of developers to make websites for the college intranet server. His contribution at work is one of many things that Steve finds rewarding.”

A view from behind Steve reveals the screen of his Gemini and a variety of stickers that decorate it, including Seahawks helmets and an American flag.