Video Description & Transcript:
  Making a Shopping List

A printed list of grocery items is shown.

The camera then shows a man and woman apparently at a dining room table. They are sitting facing each other, with communication devices mounted in front of them on their wheelchairs.

Narrator: “Alan and Sharon go grocery shopping almost every day.”
The woman types on her device.
Sharon [Synthesized speech; female voice]: “milk”

Narrator: “They go often because they can only carry a small amount of food and because they enjoy the rewarding social opportunities it provides.”
Alan [Synthesized speech; male voice]: “I want some…”
The screen of the man’s device displays what he tells his wife: “I want some root beer.”
[sound of a printer]

Narrator: “Before leaving, they create a list of items.”
Sharon [Synthesized speech]: “Is that it?”
Alan [Synthesized speech]: “Yes.”

The woman is shown driving her wheelchair out the front door.
Narrator: “With the list on Sharon’s printer, they’re ready to leave.”
[Sound of wheelchair moving]