Video Description & Transcript: Sharon Jodock King as AAC Advocate

Sharon is shown facing the camera, seated at a table in a wheelchair with what looks like an open briefcase before her. There is a caption: Sharon M. Jodock-King, AAC Advocate

Sharon [Synthesized speech]: "All people have different needs and people with disabilities are no exception. Each person with a disability has a right to get the right communication device which he or she is qualified to obtain. We all have the right to communicate in any way that we can. Your way may be with your voice, your pencil or the email, but my way is with my Liberator. And I'm so proud of it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to communicate with you all today."

Sharon begins to move her power wheelchair away from the table. The same caption appears: Sharon M. Jodock-King, AAC Advocate.