Video Description & Transcript: Scott Palm as AAC Advocate

Scott is shown facing the camera in a wheelchair, positioned near a large table. An American flag is prominently displayed in front of Scott's laptray. A caption appears: "Scott Palm: Political advocate." Synthesized speech is heard.

Scott [Synthesized speech]: "I have been an alternative communication device user for 20 years. I'm here to express my concerns about your proposal. It would seriously reduce the number of options to users such as myself, causing us not to live up to our true potential."

[transition in recording to later time in presentation.]

"Your proposal would give me and some alternative communication device users some obstacles that would be nearly impossible to overcome with the way the funding is right now. It would also affect our quality of life that we would be going back in our development. I encourage you to reconsider your proposal so we all can go forward without any difficulties. Thank you for your time."

Scott moves his power wheelchair away from the table. A caption appears: "Scott Palm: Political advocate."