Video Description & Transcript:
  Using Speech-to-Speech Relay Systems

Caption: [Using Speech-to-Speech Relay Systems]

Scott is sitting in his kitchen wit his device in front of him and a telephone at his side.

Speech-to-Speech Communication Assistant: “Transmit, how may I help you?”

Scott [synthesized speech]: “I want to call 425-###-####, please. Please use my notes.”

Speech-to-Speech: “Okay, one moment while I read over them… Okay, are you ready for me to dial?”

Scott: “Yes.”

Speech-to-Speech: “One moment.”

While the speech-to-speech assistant is busy, Scott prepares his next message.
[telephone rings]

Store employee: “Thank you for calling Edmonds Blockbuster, where you get Direct TV [unintelligible], how can I help you?”

Speech-to-Speech: “This is Washington Speech-to-Speech. I’m operator 4399. Have you received a speech-to-speech call before?”

Employee: “No.”

Speech-to-Speech: “Okay, the person who’s calling you can hear and has a speech disability. And they’ll be speaking directly to you and I will repeat what they say if you don’t understand it. I just want to let you know they do have a communication device and there may be long pauses. Caller you may go ahead.”

Scott: “Could you tell me what the new releases are?”

Speech-to-Speech [repeats because employee doesn’t reply]: “Could you tell me what the new releases are?”

Employee: “Okay. Well, the new releases are Dr. Doolittle, Freddy got Fingers, …”

Scott: “Thank you.”

Speech-to-Speech: “Thank you.”

Employee: “You’re welcome.” [Hangs up]

Speech-to-Speech: “Okay, and your caller has hung up. Would you like to make another call?”

Scott: “Yes.”

Speech-to-Speech: “Okay …the number?”

[Courtesy of Washington Speech-to-Speech Relay Services, Copyright 2001]