Video Description & Transcript:
  Referee on Wheels

Caption: [Referee on Wheels]

A close up of Susanna, sitting in a wheelchair wearing her referee jersey, is shown. Several shots of kids playing soccer and Susanna refereeing on the sidelines in her power wheelchair are shown throughout the video clip.

Kids run past Susanna with one child kicking the ball; another child steals the ball and kicks it just at the ball goes out of line; Susanna raises her red penalty flag.

[Yelling and cheering]
Susanna: That was out.

Lajos, a middle aged man, is sitting in a chair on the sidelines

Lajos: Good call, Susanna.

Narrator: Susanna has a cool job.

Cut to other teens playing soccer on the field.

Coach: Step up, step up!

Narrator: She loves sports. All sports.

Susanna: Yes, I’m a very, very big fan of sports. I like football, especially.

Narrator: So this job is a natural. Susanna’s a referee for kids’ soccer.

Cut to Susanna on the sidelines in her chair raising a red flag.

Ref: Offsides.

Susanna: It’s always fun to catch them offsides, like, “Yes, I got you!”

Narrator: And Susanna’s picking up all those “real world” skills that everybody need for success…like being on time.

Susanna: Oh, definitely. You should probably show up a good fifteen minutes, half an hour before the game, just so you can check nets and check equipment and talk with the coaches.

Susanna is shown talking to a referee.

Susanna: I need three feet on the sideline so I don’t kill anybody while I’m going for it.

Ref [talking to coach in white and black warm-ups and writing on a piece of paper]: Keep everybody, like, three yards off the line for her, okay?

Coach: Okay.

Susanna is shown sitting in casual clothes in her chair outside, with trees in the background.

Susanna [pulling hair away that the breeze blows in her face]: I think that it’s important that you respect the players and the players should respect you back.

Narrator: So why is this important? Because if you’re in high school, you’re seriously close to being an adult, and it’s time to be making some plans.

A close up of Susanna’s hand is shown as she’s shaking hands with players and then with the coaches.

Susanna: Nice game.

[Used with permission from:
University of Washington
206-685-DOIT (Voice/TTY)
206-221-4171 (FAX)
Director: Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.
This clip is from “Learn & Earn: Tips for Teens” Copyrighted 2001]