Video Description & Transcript:
  Teaching art

A man is sitting in his wheelchair while drawing with his bare feet. He holds a pen between toes on his left foot to draw. The paper is placed on a raised platform, making it accessible for his foot.

Executive Director of Artists Unlimited: “I think for Alan, the fact that he was accepted this last year to be on the Washington State Arts Commission roster of artist in residence was a really significant act. And for the first time represents someone with a disability actually being accepted to that roster.”

The clip transitions to a woman telling the man about his new role as artist in residence. A paper is shown detailing the new opportunity, then the camera returns to the woman telling the man more details.
Supervisor: “So she will be the mentor, and you will be in the artist in residence.
Narrator: “What that translates to is that over the next two years, Alan will be in a position to actually teach the arts to children with and without disabilities in school systems across the state.”
[Woman talking in background is faded]
Supervisor: “Four hours a day of teaching four different classes with thirtyfive students in each one.”
Executive Director: “And that’s an incredibly significant milestone in what we have defined previously as accessibility.”

The man is shown sitting in front of his artwork at Artists Unlimited while he converses with onlookers.
[Woman talking in background is faded]