Video Description & Transcript:
  A Simple AT Solution

Caption: [A Simple AT Solution]

Tynesha rolls a large step stool toward a wall filled with file cabinets.

Narrator: “If you have a disability, you may need an accommodation in order to do your job effectively. Ty, for example, needs to reach files that are over her head.”

Tynesha climbs the step stool. Once at the top, she opens a drawer and searches through the files inside.

Tynesha: “Actually, in the interview they didn’t say anything at all. They didn’t even bring it up at all.”

Tynesha is sitting in a room with plants in background.

Tynesha: “It was during the orientation, when she mentioned about the high shelves, she said, ‘We will order you a step stool. But I don’t ever, ever, ever, want to [Tynesha giggles] catch you on a chair.’ So, and they did; they actually had me a step stool there by my second day of work.”

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Director: Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.
This clip is from “Learn & Earn: Tips for Teens” Copyrighted 2001]