Video Description & Transcript:
  Options with E-mail

Title: [Options with Email]

Katie is reading email while sitting in a computer lab. Next, she is facing the camera while talking, and sitting in front of a world map.

Katie: “I really like using the Internet because it’s easier to communicate with people rather than using the telephone. I can read it instead of listening, and it’s easier for me to read it than to hear.”

Another girl is facing the camera and talking. It appears difficult for her to speak.

Jessie: “Yeah, the Internet is helpful, it allows me to communicate more easily, because of my voice. It allows me to say more and express myself more easily.”

[Used with permission from:

University of Washington
206-685-DOIT (Voice/TTY)
206-221-4171 (FAX)

Director: Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.

This clip is from “Universal Access to Computing”
Copyrighted 2000]