Past Paris Courses : 2001

View of Paris with Eiffel Tower

In 2001, the Department of English in conjunction with the French and Italian Studies Program of the Department of Romance Languages invited students to live and study in Paris in August, enabling them to enrich their understanding of another culture while earning resident UW credits.  Led by Anne Curzan (Department of English) and Hélène V-Collins (French Studies), the program introduced students to the sights, the culture, the history, the eccentricities, the many different faces of this enigmatic city. Courses offered included:

ENGL 490: French Influences in the History of English (5 cr.) Anne Curzan
In 1066 A.D., the French-speaking Duke of Normandy, William I (or William the Conqueror), defeated the English at the Battle of Hastings and became King of England-and the face of English was forever changed.  It was a French conquest of England-its land and its language.  In this course, we will study the history of the English language with a special focus on the role of French (language, literature, and culture) on the development of English.  Why did Chaucer mock the Wife of Bath for her provincial French?  How did we borrow both warranty and guarantee from French?  To answer such questions, we will explore the richness of French borrowings into the English vocabulary, the influence of French scribes on English spelling, the French literature being written in the English court, and much more.  A field trip will take us to Normandy, the home of William the Conqueror and many English kings and noblemen after him.  In the process, as we learn more about the nature of language and the story of English, we will think about the role and implications of English in the world's present and future.  Meets second linguistic course requirement for English major with Teaching Emphasis or can count as upper-division elective for English major with Language and Literature Emphasis.


French 199, 299, 390, 499 (10 cr.) Hélène V-Collins

Students will take one French course for 10 credits; they will be placed in the course appropriate to their level of experience in French language studies.


French 199: Conversation and composition.  This class is designed to help beginning-level students develop their conversational as well as their writing skills in French.  Topics of conversation, writing and reading will be related to site visits.


River SeineFrench 299: Conversation and composition.  This class will provide intermediate-level students with practice and instruction in improving their conversational as well as their writing skills.  Topics for conversation, writing and reading will be taken from site visits and activities.


French 390: This class is structured to enable advanced-level students to enhance their understanding and expression of written and spoken French.  Topics for discussion, writing of compositions and reading assignments will be drawn from site visits and cultural experiences or questions relevant to the events of the time.


French 499:  This class is geared toward the study of cultural issues (social classes, role of the State in French life, women's rights, immigration, family structure, etc.) and will involve readings, presentations, and compositions about these topics.

Students in the program will maintain their UW residency and any financial aid eligibility already established.  Credits earned will be recorded on students' UW transcripts and apply direction to UW graduation requirements.  Credits earned in the English class may count toward requirements for the English major.  Credits earned in French classes may be used to satisfy requirements for the French major.

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