The Great Venetian Treasure Hunt


19th-century engraving of Venetian canal scene

Following is one version of The Great Venetian Treasure Hunt quiz, given out to Spring Break in Venice students at the beginning and collected at the end of the week. Grades for 3 credits of ENGL 499 were based on the completed quiz, which required students to pay attention when they were on walks with Professor Dunlop as well as to be engaged as they explored Venice on their own.


1. How many bridges over the Grand Canal?
Name them.


Into how many districts is Venice divided?
Name them.


How many piazze in Venice?
Name them.


How many house numbers in the sestiere of S. Marco?


2. Where would you find
(a) Verrochio’s statue of Colleoni
(b) a statue of Goldoni
(c) a statue of Paolo Sarpi
(d) the Marangona
(e) Il Gobbo
(f) Sgr. Antonio Rioba
(g) the narrowest street
(h) Attila’s throne
(i) a synagogue
(j) the largest room
(k) the Ospedale Civile
(l) the prison
(m) the university
(n) the main Post Office
(o) the Customs House
(p) the football stadium
(q) the church of the Redentore
(r) Ruskin’s house
(s) the State archives
(t) the Procuratie Nuove
(u) the preserved corpse (allegedly) of S. Lucia
(v) the original cathedral church of Venice


3. How did these places get their names?
(a) Teatro La Fenice
(b) Corte prima/seconda dei Milion
(c) Ponte dei Pugni
(d) Frezzeria
(e) Calle Larga 22 Marzo
(f) S. Maria della Salute


4. Besides the Salute, there are several other churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Name six (with a translation of
each name.


5. What is a(n)? –
(a) squero
(b) forcola
(c) sandolo
(d) altana
(e) acqua alta
(f) condottiere
(g) “ombra”
(h) the Bucintoro


6. Where
(a) was Canaletto born
(b) was Vivaldi Baptized
(c) was Vivaldi organist and choirmaster
(d) did Wagner die
(e) did Browning die
(f) is Tintoretto buried


7. Translate (first into Italian, then into English)
(a) SS. Zanipolo
(b.) S.Zan Degola
(c) Bon di!


8. (a) How old was Mozart when he spent Carnevale in Venice?
(b) In what year did Maria Elena Piscopia graduate?
(c) What kind of beast does S. Teodoro trample upon?
(d) Which American university maintains a branch campus in Venice?
(e) If you die in Venice, where are you buried?
(f) What’s the name of the local newspaper?
(g) To which diocese does the Episcopalian church in Venice belong?
(h) If you wished to get someone in trouble with the state, where would you put your denunciation?
(i) What building collapsed in 1902, and was rebuilt com’era, dov’era?
(j) To what street might you reasonably go to buy a sword?
(k) to hire a murderer?
(l) Which of the islands in the lagoon is noted for glass-making?
(m) for lace-making?
(n) Where might you drink a Bellini or a Giorgione?
(o) Why (if you could afford either) might you patronize Florian rather than Quadri?


9. In his Venice, James (now Jan) Morris writes:
“ The most interesting campi in Venice are those of San Polo, Santa Maria Formosa, San Giacomo dell’Orio, Santo Stefano, and Santa Margherita—the first rather dashing, the second rather buxom, the third rather rough, the fourth rather elegant, the fifth pleasantly easy-going”


Add one or two other campi worthy of mention, giving each its appropriate adjective.


Also in Venice, Morris speaks of (Venice’s) “smell of mud, incense, fish, age, filth, and velvet.” Add one or two
more ingredients.


10. Imagine that you’re standing in Campo S. Maurizio, with only 1 euro on you, when you get an urgent call on your telefonino from a friend who wants you to join him at the Punta della Dogana. How do you get there as quickly as possible?

What kind of a street is a ... ?
(a) rio tera
(b) fondamenta
(c) salizzada
(d) ruga
(e) piscina


What might you buy at a(n)
(a) paneficio
(b) salumeria
(c) farmacia
(d) macelleria
(e) edicola


Here are some warning. What is it that you must not do?
(a) VIETATO fumare
(b) VIETATO sostare
(c) VIETATO l’abbandono o lo scarico dei refiuti
(d) VIETATO l’ingresso ai no addetti al lavoro


And last:


Write a paragraph in praise of the most interesting/striking/memorable place/thing/artwork in Venice that you discovered by yourself. (I may not know it: your description should have the effect of sending me off, post-haste, to see it.)



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