résumés and cover letters

Résumé writing for English majors

Résumé formats and samples

Writing the curriculum vitae (c.v.)

Writing the cover letter

UW Career Center's online résumé/cover letter workshop

Do you need a résumé or a curriculum vitae (c.v.)?

Used outside academia, and when a c.v. is not specifically requested
Summary of related experience, education, and skills
Targeted specifically to the position at hand
One page, sometimes two, in length
Space is at a premium
Will be scanned/reviewed by employer in about 20 seconds

Curriculum Vitae (c.v.)
Used when applying for positions in academia, research, grants, admissions, scholarships, graduate programs, etc.
Summary of all of your educational and professional background
Includes full list of your publications
May be several pages in length
Space is not at a premium
Will be thoroughly read by search committees

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