preparation for english graduate studies

The transition from undergraduate to graduate study presents many challenges and requires careful planning and substantial time and effort. This site is designed to direct you to some resources that may help you with this complex but rewarding decision process. The most important investigations you will perform, however, will be through conversations with faculty, with current and former graduate students, and with others who serve as your advisers and mentors.


Why go to graduate school?

Preparing as an undergraduate

Engaging in undergraduate research

Choosing a graduate program

The application process

Writing the statement of purpose

Securing letters of recommendation

Alexander Catchings, UW BA in English with Honors 2013, pursuing a PhD in English at U.C. Berkeley beginning
in autumn 2013 with the U.C. Berkeley Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship.

Other Resources

English Honors Program

English Undergraduate Research

UW McNair Program

UW Career Center's guide to applying to graduate school

The UW Graduate School

Graduate degrees offered by the UW

Notes from the annual English Department Graduate School Information Session (PDF)

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