Resources for English Language Learners

For Non-UW Students, or UW Students with an English Language Proficiency Requirement:

If you are aspiring to learn English, or if you are a UW student with an English Language Proficiency Requirement, you will find the courses that you need through the UW English Language Programs Office, which offers the for-credit courses ENGL 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105 through the Academic English Program as well as individualized courses of instruction for non matriculated students.

For English Language Learners - Support for the Study of College Writing:

The following list of resources is meant to give you some options and direction if you think you can benefit from additional language support. If you have an English Language Proficiency Requirement, you must first satisfy that requirement by taking Academic English Program courses ENGL 101, 102, 103*, or 104, as appropriate.

*Note that students enrolled in ENGL 103 may take a specially-designated section of ENGL 131, freshman composition, concurrently. See listings for ENGL 131 sections in the Time Schedule for details.


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