About the Expository Writing Program



The Expository Writing Program offers an array of writing courses: 109/110, 111, 121, 131, and 281.


All 100-level writing courses in the Expository Writing Program are designed around and help students meet a shared set of outcomes. These outcomes are intended to prepare students for writing in a variety of academic contexts.


More than 4,000 students each year take one of our courses, each of which satisfies the University's "C" course or composition requirement.


EWP courses are taught exclusively by Teaching Assistants in the English Department and faculty in the graduate program track in Language and Rhetoric. All instructors in the program have taken graduate course work in rhetoric and composition, as well as participated in two weeks of intensive orientation. There are no adjuncts teaching in any position in the Expository Writing Program.



Professor Anis Bawarshi assumed the role of Director of Expository Writing at the University of Washington during Spring Quarter of 2004. Professor Bawarshi first taught writing at the University of Kansas and has been actively involved in the Expository Writing Program since he became a faculty member at the University of Washington in 1999. An important aspect of his research involves genres and how students learn to write in different contexts. He is currently working with a group of graduate students at the University of Washington on a research study that examines how students in Expository Writing Program courses draw on and use prior genre knowledge when they encounter new writing tasks.

Previous Directors

  • Professor Juan Guerra (2003-2004)
  • Professor Gail Stygall (1997-2003)
  • Professor Carolyn Allen (1995-97)
  • Lecturer Laurie George (1994-95)
  • Professor Gary Handwerk (Interim Director: 1990-91)
  • Professor John Webster (1986-1994)
  • Professor George Dillon
  • Professor Thomas Lockwood
  • Professor Charles Schuster
  • Professor William Irmscher
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