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If you have questions or concerns about the Expository Writing Program, feel free to contact the appropriate staff.

All offices are located in Padelford. The Expository Writing Program Office is Padelford A-11. For staff office hours, please refer to the English Department Directory.


Candice Rai, 206.543.2190, PDL A-11

Assistant Directors, English 131

AJ Burgin, 206.543.9126, PDL A-11C

Denise Grollmus, 206.543.9126, PDL A-11G

Jacki Fiscus, 206.543.9126, PDL A-11G

Stephanie Hankinson, 206.543.9126, PDL A-11C

Assistant Directors, English 109/110

Liz Janssen, 206.685.2461, PDL A-11B

Olivia Hernandez, 206.685.2461, PDL A-11B

Assistant Director, English 111

Michelle Liu, 206.543.9126, PDL A-11G

Assistant Director, English 121

Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill, 206.685.3804, PDL A-14

Assistant Directors, UW in the High Schools

Roger Chao, 206.221.3791, PDL B-415

Justina Rompogren, 206.221.3791, PDL B-415

Alex Smith, 206.221.3791, PDL B-415

Assistant Director, Computer Integrated Classrooms (CIC)

Ann Shivers-McNair, 206.543.9126, PDL A-11G


If you have any concerns about a course or instructor in the Expository Writing Program, please see the instructor about these concerns as soon as possible. If you are not comfortable talking with the instructor or not satisfied with the response that you receive, you may contact the Expository Writing Program Director or the Assitant Directors.

If, after speaking with the Director of Expository Writing or one of the Assistant Directors, you are still not satisfied with the response you receive, you may contact Brian Reed, English Department Chair, in Padelford A-101, at (206) 543-2690.

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