English Matters, Fall 2004


Renaissance Man:  Harvey Sadis receives the Golden Apple Award

Noted by the Chair:  New Faculty and Faculty News

Reaching Beyond Campus:  3 Literacy and Writing Programs: Puget Sound Writers Project, Community Literacy Program, & Teachers as Scholars

Roethke Remembered:  A New Addition to the Yearly Reading Series

English Major Profile:  Micahlyn Powers — Bound for Medical School

English Major's Last Undergraduate Event:  Student Perspective on the 2004 Graduation Ceremony

Tess Gallagher:  "Asking the Unasked Question" (Distinguished Alumnus Award)

In Memoriam:  Robert B. Heilman 1906-2004

2004 Student Awards and Alumni News:  Prizes, Scholarships, & Career Updates for over 100 Current and Former Students.

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