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E. Laurie George

Principal Lecturer
PDL B-406
543-3832 (voice mail)


Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1984

Job Description

Modern and contemporary American and British literatures; Visual literacy and cultural communication in the digital age; Rhetoric of digital narratives


Crossing a spectra of coasts and disciplines-from the Gatsby green light of Long Island to this Emerald City of Seattle, from American literature and culture, to feminist theory and pedagogy, to the administration of literature and writing curricula--I joined the English faculty at the University of Washington in 1991 to direct the development of the Computer Integrated Courses (CIC) Program, mentor graduate student teaching, and test the collaborative potential of the academic and corporate worlds. I continue to design and teach multimedia courses of my own, recruit and support UW faculty seeking to improve teaching effectiveness via technology--and take considerable pride in pointing out our collective success.

Selected Publications

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