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Juan Guerra

PDL B-506 (AES)


B.A., University of Illinois at Chicago, 1972
M.A., University of Illinois at Chicago, 1983
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 1992

Areas of Specialization

Language and Literacy Studies, Rhetoric and Composition Studies

Activities and Interests

Juan Guerra’s current scholarly interests are reflected in the following book project and selected publications.

Enacting Citizenship: Language, Culture and Identity in the Writing Classroom: This book builds on what we’ve learned about how best to address the curricular and pedagogical needs of disenfranchised students reflected in initiatives informed by Basic Writing and Writing Across the Curriculum. It contends that in teaching writing we are also engaged in cultivating particular forms of citizenship in our students. In the course of discussing the key elements in this process, the book explores how the critical practice of transcultural repositioning can be used to frame the new curriculum and pedagogy that have emerged from recent scholarly work on writing in diverse community and school settings. After describing how the notion of languages-in-motion—especially as it manifests itself in the practices of code-switching and code-meshing—can be employed to frame conversations about the use of multiple literacies in the writing classroom, the book unpacks the explanatory power embedded in the concepts of cultures-in-transition and identities-in-practice to explore the dynamic and self-reflective ways in which students can learn to navigate the varied social, cultural and political spaces they inhabit or occupy in personal, civic, academic and professional contexts.

Selected Publications

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