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Gail Stygall

PDL A-311


B.A., Indiana University, Indianapolis, 1981
Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington, 1989

Areas of Specialization

English Language, Discourse Analysis, Legal Discourse, Forensic Linguistics, and Rhetoric and Composition

Activities and Interests

After serving two terms as Director of Expository Writing (1997-2003), I have returned to research and teaching.  As I completed my book, The Disciplinary Divorce: Foucault, Law, and Narrative, I have became increasingly interested the intersection of discourse with surveillance and governmentality. My recent consulting in forensic linguistics has included work on confessions, trademark and patent and insurance policy language.  I have just finished writing an article on confessions and I hope to do more work in that area and on custodial interrogations. I am also working on an article assessing the disjunction between what AP English constructs as college English and what strong writing programs as college writing.  My teaching is primarily in English language and I will teach ENGL 370, English Language Study in Autumn 2004 as a large lecture course.  In recent years, I have also taught seminars in Discourse Analysis, Contemporary Scholarship in Composition, and Legal Discourse.

Selected Publications

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