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Chandan Reddy

Associate Professor


B.A., University of California , San Diego (Literature), 1994
M.A., Columbia University (English/Comparative Literature), 1995
M.Phil., Columbia University (English/Comparative Literature), 1998
Ph.D., Columbia University (English/Comparative Literature), 2004

Areas of Specialization

Critical Race Theory, Sexuality and Queer Studies, Globalization Studies, and Asian American Cultural Studies

Activities and Interests

My research focuses on the transformations and inventions of literary forms that issue from history of non-western migration to the “west.” In particular, I've been interested in twentieth century Black and Asian migrations from the Caribbean basin and Asia to the United States. Presuming that migration is not solely a demographic phenomenon, but also a transformation of the political economic, social, and epistemological structures of “western” modernity, I approach the study of “racialized” migration as an account of the heterogeneity and unevenness of modernity and its core institutions, especially the nation-state. The project is aimed also at thinking about the intersections and discontinuities between Black and Asian immigrant racializations in various institutionalized critiques. In addition to the literary, cultural and legal study of race and migration, of political economy and the nation-state, I continue to work in the field of non-western and immigrant “gay and lesbian” sexualities. My most recent research has focused on the “individual” as an object of knowledge in contemporary globalization.

Selected Publications

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