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Jessica Burstein

Associate Professor
PDL A-502


Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1998

Areas of Specialization

Modern British and American literature and poetry, late 19th-century British literature.

Activities and Interests

Jessica Burstein works on modernism, the avant-garde, fashion, and technophilia—particularly prosthetics. Her area of expertise is British literature from the late 19th century through the 1930s, and its West European contexts. Her graduate courses have included introductions to British modernism, machinic modernisms, low modernism, and fashion and modernism. Undergraduate courses range from large lecture introductions to the English major; to smaller seminars on boredom, wandering women, blood, privacy, and "Excellent Women"--the latter part of an ongoing interest in domestic fictions and under-read female British writers of the 1910s-1960s. Professor Burstein also teaches modern novel courses, some focusing on adultery, some on embodiment; and major texts courses based on Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf. She has published on Dorothy Parker, Wyndham Lewis, crowds, and once in a while in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Her book Cold Modernism engages Wyndham Lewis, Mina Loy, Balthus, Hans Bellmer, Henry James, and Coco Chanel, and covers the period 1896-1948. Most generally, she is interested in working with students invested in historically grounded research, and aesthetics. She has chaired dissertation committees on modernism in conjunction with a variety of topics: the changing role of cartography in the Great War, nonsense and word production, music, the mistake, risk at high altitude, and crime and detection. She has served as acting editor of Modern Language Quarterly, and is a member of the editorial committee of Modernism/modernity.

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