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Laura Chrisman

PDL B-401


B.A. (Honors), University of Oxford, 1984
D.Phil., University of Oxford, 1992

Areas of Specialization

African, Black Atlantic and African Diaspora Studies; Postcolonial Studies; South African Literature; late 19th and 20th Century British Literature of empire; black British literature

Activities and Interests

I'm of African-American, Ashkenazy Jewish and US Anglo origins, am from a Marxist, feminist and black nationalist political background, and grew up in the Highlands of Scotland; all this has influenced my research interests. I analyze the cultures of imperialism and of anti-colonialist resistance, and have a particular interest in South Africa. I am also very interested in black Atlantic and black diaspora studies. My current interdisciplinary book project is provisionally titled Nationalism, Modernity and Transnationalism in African Intellectuals. The book focuses on black South African nationalists, and their links with African-American intellectuals of the early 20th century.

Selected Publications

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