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English Undergraduate Scholarships for 2014-2015

(Application Deadline is March 14, 2014)

English Department scholarships are available for declared English majors only. The scholarships are awarded toward standard resident full-time tuition only, and do not include other student fees, books or expenses. All current English majors are urged to apply. There are eight undergraduate English scholarships available that vary from approximately $150 to full tuition:

Eilert Anderson Scholarship

Recent winners...

2013-14: Samuel Philip Pizelo
2012-13: Alexander Catchings
2011-12: Jessie Weiling McMillan
2010-11: Brandon Paul Weaver
2009-10: Anna Liesa Fero
2008-09: Alexander P. Walton

Edward G. Cox Scholarship

Recent winners...

2013-14: Arista Christina Burwell-Chen
2012-13: Sher-Min Faith Yang
2011-12: Nicole Perrine Guenther
2010-11: Katherine Elise Hoffman
2009-10: Anna Liesa Fero
2008-09: Alexander P. Walton

Robert B. Heilman Scholarship

Recent winners...

2013-14: Chelsey L. Slattum
2012-13: Sher-Min Faith Yang
2011-12: Nicole Perrine Guenther
2010-11: Katherine Elise Hoffman
2009-10: Camille Qin-Yi Zhou

Roger Sale Scholarship

Recent winners...

2013-14: Zoe Barker-Aderem
2012-13: Emelia Hope Nitz-Ritter
2011-12: Brian Christopher Hardison
2010-11: Nicole Perrine Guenther
2009-10: William Cory Potts
2008-09: Lori Kathryn Theis

Tia Vall-Spinosa Sullivan Scholarship

Recent winners...

2013-14: William Conrad Doerrfeld
2012-13: Melanya Sophia Materne
2011-12: Samara Lynn Surface
2010-11: Anna Liesa Fero
2009-10: Jessica Lynn Jungwirth
2008-09: Rachel Naomi Ogimachi

Peter L. Thorpe Scholarship

Recent winners...

2013-14: Emelia Hope Nitz-Ritter
2012-13: Milo Umberto Zorzino
2011-12: Nicole Perrine Guenther
2010-11: Jessie Beverly Hansen
2009-10: Anna Victoria Knutson
2008-09: Jens Blazer Lloyd

Luckie Budd Waller Scholarship

Recent winners...

2013-14: Bryan Matthew Wilson
2012-13: Shelby Morgan Handler, Samuel Kolodezh
2011-12: Aryn Evelyn O'Haleck
2010-11: Daniel Francis Caldwell
2009-10: Pamela Ann Saunders
2008-09: Brittany Michelle Dennison, Sarah Joan Greenleaf, Dana Lee Ryen

John Kimball Woolley and Afton Woolley Crooks Scholarship

Recent winners...

2013-14: Cali Rose Kopczick
2012-13: Sara Senia Patton
2011-12: Galina Ursachii
2010-11: Jonathan Ilan Armoza
2009-10: Daniel Sehyun Choi
2008-09: Johanna Kate Fabian-Marks

The deadline for receipt of applications and letters of recommendation is MARCH 14, 2014. Scholarships are awarded by the English Department Undergraduate Education Committee and are announced before the end of Spring quarter.

Requirements: You must be an English major enrolled at the UW as an undergraduate for two quarters by the application deadline (March 14, 2014), and you must have a UW GPA of 3.5 and a UW English GPA of 3.7 with at least 10 credits of UW English course work completed. During the term of the scholarship, recipients must enroll in at least two quarters and complete a minimum of 6 credits each quarter. Some scholarships require demonstrated financial need, which may become a factor in awarding other scholarships. Financial need will need to be certified by the UW Financial Aid Office (Schmitz 105, osfa@u.washington.edu).

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For more information, please contact Linda Ahern (Padelford A-2-H, lahern@uw.edu, 543-2408).

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