major core: histories

For students who entered the English major in Autumn 2012 and later.
If you entered the English major in Spring 2012 or earlier, please see the pre-Autumn-2012 requirement set.

The English Major Core requirement within the English major draws courses from among three groups, Theories and Methodologies of Language and Literature, Forms and Genres of Language and Literature, and Histories of Language and Literature (below).

Histories & Materials of English Language and Literature

Description: These courses foreground historical contexts, including questioning how “history” is produced as a concept and as a method of periodization. They explore how the historical periodization of cultural and aesthetic artifacts have influenced the production, practice or study of literature, language and culture in English. It is expected that the exploration of cultural and aesthetic artifacts within historical periods of varying range (such as modernity/modernism, the long eighteenth century, the Age of Revolution, and so forth) will address intellectual and aesthetic debates prevalent at the time, the influence of contemporary writers and artists on one another, and/or related political, legal, and economic conditions.

Course Goals: While core courses may not achieve every goal, they will participate in the conversations represented in these goals as a central feature.

Course list for students who entered the major in Autumn 2012 and later:

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