major core: theories & methodologies

For students following current requirements, who entered the English major in Autumn 2013 and later.
If you entered the English major in Spring 2013 or earlier, please see the pre-Autumn-2013 requirement sets.

Theories and Methodologies of English Language and Literature

Description: These courses foreground theoretical approaches or methodological developments, including how they affect formal or historical topics. They explore how theories and methods such as Marxism, psychoanalysis, structuralism, phenomenology, reader reception, feminism, critical race theory or ethnography have influenced the production, practice or study of literature, language and culture in English.

Course Goals: While core courses may not achieve every goal, they will participate in the conversations represented in these goals as a central feature.

Course list for students who entered the major in Autumn 2013 and later:

Note: students who've been accepted to the competitive-admission Creative Writing option in the major may count ENGL 302 toward this category.

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