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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] ROBERT E. ABRAMS, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1973, Indiana


American literature, Marxism, psychoanalysis, iconology, cultural constructions of landscape
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Articles on nineteenth-century American authors in such journals as ELH, American Literature, Philological Quarterly, TSLL. Working on a book on shifting cultural constructions of landscape and space in the antebellum United States, with some attention to the lithograph, the tourist guide, photography, and the map, and with special focus on such authors as Douglass, Thoreau, Fuller, Hawthorne, Melville, and Rebecca Harding Davis.

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] EDWARD ALEXANDER, Professor
Ph.D. 1963, Minnesota

Romantic and Victorian literature, Jewish studies
 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] CAROLYN J. ALLEN, Professor
Ph.D. 1972, Minnesota

Modernism and Postmodernism, Feminist criticism and theory, contemporary literary theory, women writers, twentieth-century literature, theories of sexuality, cultural studies
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Recent Publications and Scholarly Activities: (book) Following Djuna: Women Lovers and the Erotics of Loss, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1996. Editor, SIGNS: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, "Feminism and Postmodernism," in Tracing Literary Theory, ed. J. Natoli; "The Erotics of Nora's Narrative in Djuna Barnes's Nightwood" in Signs (Fall, 1993) additional current interests: intersections of race, ethnicity and gender, relationship of film theory to literary theory.

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] ANIS BAWARSHI, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 1999, Kansas

Rhetoric and Composition Studies; Genre Theory; Rhetorical Invention and the Writer; Writing in the Disciplines; Writing Center Theory; Critical Theory; Cultural Studies
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Publications include articles on the function of genre in non-literary and literary (con)texts; genres as rhetorical ecosystems; theories of the self in composition studies; postcolonialism and the idea of the writing center; and rhetoric, diciplinarity and the future of writing instruction.  Currently completing a book manuscript on genre, invention, and the role of the writer, as well as collaborating on a writing textbook, Scenes of Writing.

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] LINDA L. BIERDS, Professor
M.A. 1971, Washington

Contemporary American poetry, poetry writing
 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] KATHLEEN A. BLAKE, Professor
Ph.D. 1971, California-San Diego

Victorian literature, historicist approach; including women and literature; utilitarianism; Victorian literature and empire; 19th-C. novel and narrative theory; Victorian-Romantic literature; 19th-C. English-German literature; children's literature.
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Play, Games, and Sport, The Literary Works of Lewis Carroll, Love and the Woman Question in Victorian Literature, The Art of Self-Postponement, Approaches to Teaching George Eliot's Middlemarch. Current interest in Victorian literature and political economy, with relations to the woman question and to empire.

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] HERBERT BLAU, Professor
Ph.D. 1954, Stanford

drama and performance; modern and postmodern literature; literary and cultural theory; backgrounds of modernism and traditions of the avant-garde
Most Recent Books / Current Research Activities:
The Dubious Spectacle: Extremities of Theater, 1976-2000.
Sails of the Herring Fleet: Essays on Beckett.
Nothing in Itself: Complexions of Fashion.
To All Appearances: Ideology and Performance.
The Audience.
recent essays on theater, Beckett, Shakespeare, body art and performance art, photography, fashion.

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] DAVID BOSWORTH, Associate Professor
B.A. 1969, Brown

Fiction writing, modern fiction and poetry
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
The Death of Descartes, a collection of short fiction; From My Father, Singing, a novel; two novels, stories, poetry in progress

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] GERALD J. BRENNER, Associate Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1969, New Mexico

Modern American and English Novel; Robert Frost and Henry James; Fiction of the American West; the 19th Century Novel; peer tutoring and the instruction of writing; reader-response theory
 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] MARSHALL BROWN, Professor
Ph.D. 1972, Yale

Eighteenth century, romanticism, realism, literary theory, music and literature, philosophy and literature
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
The Shape of German Romanticism (Cornell, 1979); Preromanticism Stanford, 1991); Turning Points: Essays in the History of Cultural Expressions (Stanford, 1997); co-editor La Via al sublime (Alinea, 1987); articles in PMLA, Critical Inquiry, ELH, JEGP, Studies in Romanticism, Comparative Literature, German Quarterly, Studi di estetica, Italian Quarterly, Stanford Literature Review, Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, and elsewhere. Working on books on Philosophy of the Gothic. Editor, Modern Language Quarterly. Editor, The Uses of Literary History (Duke, 1996)

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] BRUCE BURGETT, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1993, University of California-Berkeley

American studies, gender and queer studies, interdisciplinarity, transnationalism, political theory and economy, cultural studies, critical race studies, sentimentalism
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Sentimental Bodies: Sex, Gender, and Citizenship in the Early Republic (1998); "Between Population and Speculation: The Problem of 'Sex' in Our Long Eighteenth Century," Early American Literature (forthcoming). Current book projects: "American Sex: Cultures of Sexual Reform in the Antebellum United States"; "Queer Studies/American Studies" (a special forum in American Literary History, coeditor with Chandan Reddy); "Thinking Sex in Transnational Times" (a year-long research collaboration sponsored by the Simpson Humanities Center 2002-03)

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] JESSICA BURSTEIN, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 1998, Chicago

Modern British and American literature, late 19th Century British Literature
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
"Waspish Segments: Lewis, Prosthesis, Fascism," Modernism/Modernity 4:2 (April 1997): 139–64; special issue on Wyndham Lewis. Currently working on modernism and fashion -- Coco Chanel; Modernism and the prosthetic body

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] JOHNNELLA E. BUTLER, Adjunct Professor
Ed.D. 1979, Massachusetts

African American and African diaspora fiction and theory; comparative American ethnic fiction and theory; intersections of post-colonial and post-civil rights theory; U.S. women of color; pedagogy and curriculum transformation.
 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] JOSEPH M. BUTWIN, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1971, Harvard

Nineteenth-century England, history and literature, politics and popular culture, the novel
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Book in progress on the politics of popular culture in nineteenth-century England--includes and extends previous studies of Dickens, George Eliot, Carlyle, and Ruskin

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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] JOHN C. COLDEWEY, Professor
Ph.D. 1972, Colorado

Medieval and Renaissance drama, neo-Latin drama, scholarly editing, Chaucer, Shakespeare
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Cultural and historical contexts and records of early English drama (from the 15th century through 1642).

 Return to Top     http://faculty.washington.edu/jcjc  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] KATHERINE CUMMINGS, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1985, Wisconsin-Madison

Feminist theory, Postmodernism (theories and fictions), Postcolonialism, cultural studies, American studies (Contemporary), Queer studies.
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Telling Tales: The Daughter's Seduction in Fiction and Theory. Book in progress: In the Family Name: Reading "Home" & "Exile" in Late 20th C. U.S. Essays on such subjects as: AIDS, Sexuality, Queer studies, Contemporary Ethnic Literatures, Pedagogy, Freud, Derrida, Dickens and Richardson.

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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] GEORGE L. DILLON, Professor
Ph.D. l969, California-Berkeley

Rhetoric and composition, linguistics, discourse analysis
 Return to Top     http://weber.u.washington.edu/~dillon  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] WILLIAM M. DUNLOP, Associate Professor Emeritus
M.A. 1964, Cambridge

Shakespeare, nineteenth-century British novel, drama and opera
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Work on drama (especially Shakespearean) in relation to opera

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] RICHARD J. DUNN, Professor
Ph.D. 1964, Western Reserve

The novel, Victorian literature and painting, Dickens, English teaching, textual studies
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Articles on Dickens, the Brontes, Carlyle, Tennyson, Smollett; English Pedagogy. Book: Oliver Twist: Whole Heart and Soul. Bibliographic volumes on Dickens, the English novel; Norton Critical Editions of Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights. Editor Approaches to Teaching Dickens' David Copperfield.

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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] ALAN S. FISHER, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1969, California-Berkeley

Seventeenth-century, eighteenth-century, sixteenth-century theory of literary history, history of literary theory
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Articles on Dryden, Milton, Swift, Pope, and others. Book in progress on the theory and history of humanism

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] DAVID C. FOWLER, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., 1949, Chicago

Medieval English literature, Bible as literature, Arthurian romance, popular ballad, medieval drama, Chaucer, Piers the Plowman, Pearl poet, medieval lyrics, works of John Trevisa (c1342-1402), international popular tale, folklore
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Piers the Plowman: Literary Relations of the A and B Texts (1961); A Literary History of the Popular Ballad (1968); The Bible in Early English Literature (1976); The Bible in Middle English Literature (1984); contribution to A Manual of the Writings in Middle English 1050-1500, chapter on "Ballads," vol. 6 (1980), pp.1753-1808, 2019-2070; contribution to Dictionary of the Middle Ages, II (1983), 59-60, 220-23; The Life and Times of John Trevisa (1995).

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] CHARLES H. FREY, Professor
Ph.D. 1971, Yale

Shakespeare, modern drama, theories of response (audiences, readers)
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Interpretation of Shakespeare; psychosomatic response to literature; theory of teaching.

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] BARBARA FUCHS, Associate Professor and Adjunct Associate Professor of Spanish
Ph.D. 1997, Stanford

16th and 17th century English and Spanish literature and culture, imperialism and national identities in a Mediterranean and transatlantic context, postcolonial theory.
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
"Virtual Spaniards," in Spanish Nation Formation, a special issue of the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 2:1, March 2001; "Empire Unmanned: Gender Trouble and Genoese Gold in Cervantes' 'The Two Dansels'," PMLA, March 2001; "Faithless Empires: Pirates, Renegadoes, and the English Nation," English Literary History 67, Spring 2000; Mimesis and Empire: The New World, Islam, and European Identities, Cambridge UP, 2001. Forthcoming: Passing for Spain: Cervantes and the Fictions of Identity, Illinois UP, 2002; "An English Picaro in New Spain: The Story of Miles Philips," in a special issue of CR: The New Centennial Review, Feb. 2002; "Pirating Spain: Jonson on Translation," in Modern Philology, Winter 2002; "Spanish Lessons: Spenser and the Irish Moriscos," in Studies in English Literature, Winter 2002.

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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] JOHN W. GRIFFITH, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1969, Oregon

American literature (all periods), the Bible as literature, children's literature
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Essays on William Bradford, Jonathon Edwards, Benjamin Franklin, John Woolman, H.W. Longfellow, Henry James, Archibald MacLeish, Stephen Vincent Benet, Ernest Hemingway, Bernard Malamud; and, in children's literature, on Hans Christian Andersen, E.B. White, James Barrie, Carlo Collodi

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] MALCOLM A. GRIFFITH, Assistant Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1966, Ohio State

Twentieth-century literature, recent literary criticism and theory, autobiography, contemporary British and American fiction
 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] JUAN C. GUERRA, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1992, Illinois-Chicago

Literacy, Ethnography, Composition, Autobiography
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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] NICHOLAS HALMI, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 1995, Toronto

Enlightenment and Romantic literature, philosophy, and science; critical theory, history of criticism; architectural history; synecdoche
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Articles on Enlightenment and Romantic topics in Comparative Literature, The Coleridge Bulletin, Dreaming: J. Am. Soc. Study of Dreams, European Romantic Review, Lingua Humanitatis, Romanticism on the Net, The Wordsworth Circle, and the forthcoming Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era. Co-editor of Coleridge's Opus Maximum (Princeton, 2002), Coleridge's Poetry and Prose (Norton Critical Edition, 2003), and Opera and Literature in Nineteenth-Century England (forthcoming); editor of Frye's Fearful Symmetry (forthcoming). Current research: Romantic concept of the symbol, Romanticism and modernity, semiotics of circumcision.

 Return to Top http://faculty.washington.edu/nh2/index.html  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] GARY HANDWERK, Professor
Ph.D. 1984, Brown

Literary theory, especially Romantic and post-Romantic. Comparative literature: German, French, classical Greek. Nineteenth- and twentieth-century narrative, narrative theory
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Joyce, Meredith, Lacan, Beckett, Godwin, Romantic Irony, 19th-century fiction/history.

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] GILLIAN HARKINS, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2002 (expected), California-Berkeley

Modern and contemporary American literature; female novelists; autobiography; trauma; psychoanalysis; narrative theory; feminist and queer theory; citizenship
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
"Telling Fact from Fiction: Dorothy Allison's Disciplinary Stories," in Incest and the Literary Imagination, ed. Elizabeth Barnes (forthcoming). "Teaching Institutions," in Conference Proceedings from The Future of Women's Studies: Foundations, Interrogations, Politics, 2001.

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] JEANNE HEUVING, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1988, Washington

Twentieth century poetry and poetics; avant garde texts; modernism and postmodernism; cultural studies; women writers; critical theory and feminist theory; American literature.
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Current book project: Restive Eros: Poetic Possession and Dispossession in the Twentieth Century. Previous publications include Omissions Are Not Accidents: Gender in the Art of Marianne Moore, 1992; "Feminism and Sexuality," "Laura (Riding) Jackson's 'Really New' Poem;" "Poetry in Our Political Lives," and "The Violence of Negation or 'Love's Infolding.'" On the editorial board of the electronic journal HOW2, dedicated to critical and creative explorations of innovative writing.

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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] SUSAN JEFFORDS, Professor
Ph.D. 1981, Pennsylvania

Feminist theory, cultural studies, popular culture, militarism
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
The Remasculinization of America: Gender and the Vietnam War. Hard Bodies: Hollywood Masculinity in the Reagan Era; Seeing through the Media: The Persian Gulf War (ed.) Currently working on a book on rape and U.S. national identity

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] CHARLES R. JOHNSON, Professor
M.A. 1973, Southern Illinois

Fiction writing
 Return to Top     http://www.siu.edu/~johnson


 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] Yasuko KANNO, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 1996, University of Toronto

Bilingual education and bilingualism; language, culture, identity; research methods for applied linguistics; qualitative research methods
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Negotiating bilingual and bicultural identity: Japanese returnees betwixt two worlds. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum (in press).

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] SYDNEY J. KAPLAN, Professor
Ph.D. 1971, UCLA

Twentieth-century British and American literature, women writers and feminist criticism
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Katherine Mansfield and the Origins of Modernist Fiction, Feminine Consciousness in the Modern British Novel, articles on Dorothy Richardson and May Sinclair, Doris Lessing, Rosamond Lehmann, Katherine Mansfield; surveys of recent feminist criticism. Current research on book, Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield: A Critical Dialogue

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] MONIKA KAUP, Assistant Professor
D.Phil. 1991, Ruhr University, Germany
D.Phil.Habil. 1998, Osnabrueck University, Germany

U.S. Latino/a literature; comparative literature of the Americas and transamerican literary and cultural studies; U.S. modernism; 20th century women writers; the domestic and the urban
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Co-editor, Mixing Race, Mixing Culture: Inter-American Literary Dialogues, 2002. Rewriting North American Borders in Chicano and Chicana Narrative, 2001. Mad Intertextuality: Madness in Twentieth-Century Women's Writing, 1993; Articles in American Literature ("The Architecture of Ethnicity in Chicano Literature") and Discourse ("'Our America' That is Not One: Transnational Black Atlantic Disclosures in Nicolas Guillen and Langston Hughes"); further articles in collections (on Chicano/a literature, Canadian Metis literature, West Indian Canadian writing); currently working on the New World baroque/neobaroque.

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] RICHARD L. KENNEY, Professor
B.A., 1970, Dartmouth

Poetry writing
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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] ERIC LA GUARDIA, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1961, Iowa

Renaissance literature, modern literature, literary theory
 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] THOMAS F. LOCKWOOD, Professor
Ph.D., 1967, Rice

Eighteenth-century novel, especially Fielding; English poetry from Dryden to Wordsworth; essays and journalism in the eighteenth century
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Henry Fielding; The Critical Heritage (with Ronald Paulson); Post-Augustan Satire; articles on eighteenth-century verse, Swift, Fielding, Jane Austen, satire and comedy, journalism; attribution and edition of Fielding's magazine The History of Our Own Times. Current work: critical book on Fielding; editor of drama volumes for Wesleyan-Oxford ed. of Fielding's works

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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] DAVID MC CRACKEN, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1966, Chicago

Biblical narrative, Wordsworth, late eighteenth-century English literature
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Biblical narratives, Wordsworth, landscape and literature, Godwin

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] COLLEEN MC ELROY, Professor
Ph.D. 1973, Washington

Creative writing, poetry and fiction, women's literature, mythology (Third World), Black literature, children's literature
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Collections of poetry, latest: What Madness Brought Me Here: New & Selected Poems l968-88 (Wesleyan Univ. Press, l990); Driving Under the Cardboard Pines (Fiction) (Creative Arts Books, 1990).

 Return to Top     http://faculty.washington.edu/dragnldy/poet.html  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] HEATHER MC HUGH, Professor
M.A. 1972, Denver

Poetry writing, Poetry in English and translation, Beckett, Nabokov, Kafka, Chekhov, contemporary visual and musical arts, film, the literary essay, natural sciences and the history of ideas
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Collections of poetry, translation; close readings in poetry; literary essays

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] RAIMONDA MODIANO, Professor
Ph.D. 1973, California-San Diego

The Romantic period, science and philosophy in the nineteenth century, 19th century aesthetics; anthropology and social theory
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Coleridge and the Concept of Nature (London: MacMillan, 1985) Co-editor vols. II-V of Coleridge's Marginalia (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1980). Currently writing a book on Coleridge and Wordsworth; Sacrifice, The Gift and the Rites of Literary Exchange; and editing Coleridge's Poetry and Prose (Norton Critical Editions).

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] JOYCELYN MOODY, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1993, Kansas

African American Literature, 19-Century American Literature, Autobiography, Women's Literature
 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] SALLY A. MUSSETTER, Associate Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1975, Cornell

Medieval literature and languages; Old English, Middle English, Old French, Old Norse, Italian, Latin; exegetical traditions; epics, romances; Chaucer, Chrétien de Troyes, Dante, the Beowulf poet, the Gawain poet
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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] MARK R. PATTERSON, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1981, Princeton

American literature, particularly post-Reconstruction theories of race, nation, and domesticity. Theories of the Everyday, American Gothic. Thoreau and Transcendentalism, law and literature
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Authority, Autonomy, and Representation in American Literature (Princeton Univ. Press, 1988); Editor, Henry D. Thoreau, Journal 3:1848-51; Currently working on the intersections of law, literature, gender, and race in Reconstruction and late nineteenth century America.

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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] CHANDAN REDDY, Assistant Professor
M.Phil. 1998, Columbia

Multi-ethnic literature, twentieth-century American literature, American studies, critical race theory, globalization, queer theory, feminism, transnational cultural studies

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] BRIAN M. REED, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2000, Stanford

Twentieth-century American and English poetry; modernism; post-modernism; the avante-garde; post-Civil war American literature
 Return to Top     http://faculty.washington.edu/bmreed/  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] PAUL G. REMLEY, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1990, Columbia

Medieval literature and languages (primarily Germanic and Celtic texts of the early Middle Ages and contemporary Latin sources); historical and social background of medieval literature; textual criticism; new methods of scholarly research (computerized databases, electronic texts, etc.)
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Books in progress on Old English biblical poetry and Cynewulf's Christ II. Publications on the Anglo-Saxon text of Genesis, Middle English antifeminist literature, Geoffrey of Monmouth's Latin History of the Kings of Britain. Current projects involving Layamon's Brut (Arthurian natural imagery), Chaucer (some fragments of Troilus and Criseyde), Christine de Pizan (her treatment of the Dido myth), and some anonymous poems written by women at the court of Henry VIII


 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] LEROY F. SEARLE, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1970, Iowa

Critical theory, American literature, modern literature, intellectual history, photography, aesthetics, history of science, computers
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Critical theory, photographic criticism, intellectual history

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] STEVEN SHAVIRO, Professor
Ph.D. 1981, Yale

Film, postmodernism, popular culture, contemporary literary theory. 3 books: Passion & Excess, The Cinematic Body, Doom Patrols
 Return to Top     http://www.dhalgren.com/  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] DAVID SHIELDS, Professor
M.F.A. 1980, Iowa

Fiction, autobiography, creative nonfiction
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
David Shields is the author of four books of nonfiction, Enough About You: Adventures in Autobiography, Black Planet: Facing Race During an NBA Season (a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award), Remote (winner of the PEN/Revson Foundation Fellowship), and "Baseball Is Just Baseball": The Understated Ichiro; two novels, Dead Languages and Heroes; and a collection of linked stories, A Handbook for Drowning. His essays and stories have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Harper's, Yale Review, McSweeney's, Salon, Village Voice, Utne Reader, Threepenny Review, and Conjunctions. He has received two NEA fellowships in fiction, two PEN Syndicated Fiction Awards, and an Ingram-Merrill Foundation award.

 Return to Top http://www.davidshields.com/  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] ROBERT P. SHULMAN, Professor
Ph.D. 1959, Ohio State

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century American fiction, social and political theory
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Social Criticism and Nineteenth-Century American Fictions, 1987. Current project: Political Art and the Politics of the Literary Canon: The 1930s Left Reconsidered

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] SANDRA SILBERSTEIN, Professor
Ph.D. 1982, Michigan

Discourse analysis/sociolinguistics, language acquisition, social theory
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Choice Readings (University of Michigan Press, 1996); State of the Art TESOL Essays: Celebrating 25 years of the Discipline (TESOL, 1993); Techniques and Resources in Teaching Reading (Oxford University Press, 1994); Reader's Choice (co-authored, University of Michigan Press, 1988); Bibliography: Women and Language (monograph, University of Michigan Women's Studies, 1980); Research Project: "Reading-Writing Relationships in First and Second Language"; Interactive Reading Theories, manuscript

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] CAROLINE CHUNG SIMPSON, Associate Professor Ph.D. 1994, Texas
Asian American literature; Ethnic American literature; Oral history; Feminist theory; cultural studies.
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Essays on postwar Asian American fiction, multiracial Asian American identity and Asian American women's oral history. Current work on the rise of American Orientalism in American popular culture during the postwar era.

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] MAYA SONENBERG, Associate Professor
M.A. 1984, Brown

Fiction writing, Twentieth century fiction
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Cartographies, a collection of short fiction; a novel and a collection of stories in progress

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] HENRY STATEN, Professor
Ph.D. 1978, Texas

19th and 20th Century British Literature; History and Theory of Criticism; Race, Nationality and Ethnicity
 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] ROBERT D. STEVICK, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1956, Wisconsin

Old English language and literature, Middle English language and literature, English language history
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Essays and monographs on Old English meter, poetic form, manuscript studies. Current research on relations of principles of form in Anglo-Saxon manuscript paintings and long poems, and prosodic phonology

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] WILLIAM R. STREITBERGER, Professor
Ph.D. 1973, Illinois

Renaissance literature, drama, and culture, textual criticism, paleography
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Articles on Renaissance literature, drama, and culture (1972-Present); Court Revels, 1485-1559 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1994); Topographical Descriptions, Regiments, and Policies (New York: Garland, 1991); Jacobean and Caroline Revels Accounts, 1603-1642, Malone Society Collections XIII (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1986); Edmond Tyllney, Master of the Revels and Censor of Plays (New York: AMS, 1986); Elizabethan Revels, 1558-1603 (in progress). Current interests: Renaissance court culture, spectacles, entertainments, and politics; literature/drama in its cultural context; archival research; textual theory and practice.

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] GAIL STYGALL, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1989, Indiana

Composition/Rhetoric and Sociolinguistics, Law and literature and Discourse Analysis.
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Trial Language: Differential Discourse Processing and Discursive Formation (Benjamins, 1994), Co-Editor; New Directions in Portfolio Assessment. Current projects: The Discourse of Divorce, Editor CCCC Bibliography of Composition and Rhetoric 1995-1997 Volumes.

 Return to Top     http://faculty.washington.edu/stygall/  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] STEPHEN SUMIDA, Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. 1982, University of Washington

Asian American literature; ethnic studies
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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] JAMES W. TOLLEFSON, Professor
Ph.D. 1978, Stanford

Language policy and language planning, sociolinguistics, second language acquisition
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Current research: language policy and social theory

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 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] MÍCEÁL F. VAUGHAN, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1973, Cornell

Medieval literature, esp. Chaucer and Chaucerians; textual criticism; modern Anglo-Irish literature; medieval music and poetry
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Monograph on Piers Plowman B and the liturgy; three articles on Towneley's Second Shepherds' Play; articles on Chaucer's Miller's Tale and Summoner's Tale, on the Anglo-Norman Adam, and on the endings of both A and B Texts of Piers Plowman. Edited special issue of Modern Language Quarterly on medieval English Literature, and a book of essays on Piers Plowman. An article forthcoming on the textual history (and problems) of Chaucer's "Retractions," part of a book-length project on the conclusion of the Canterbury Tales. Currently also working on an electronic edition of Piers Plowman A.

 Return to Top     http://faculty.washington.edu/miceal/


 [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] DAVID R. WAGONER, Professor Emeritus
M.A. 1949, Indiana

Poetry and fiction writing
 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] JOHN M. WEBSTER, Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1974, California-Berkeley

Renaissance literature and aesthetics, literary theory, linguistics, history and rhetoric; rhetoric and composition
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
William Temple's "Analysis" of Sidney's "Apology" (1984), The Arts of Eloquence: Logic, Rhetoric and Poetry in Elizabethan Literature (in progress)

 Return to Top  [ --- Horizontal Rule --- ] ALYS WEINBAUM, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 1998, Columbia

Feminist Theory, sexuality and gender studies, literary theory (Marxism, deconstruction, and poststructuralism), theories of race, ethnicity, and nation, American Studies, trans-Atlantic modernism, and psychoanalysis.
Primary Scholarly Publications / Current Research Activities:
Recent Articles: "Marx, Irigaray, and the Politics of Reproduction," in Is Feminist Philosophy Philosophy? E. Bianchi ed.; "On Critical Globality," (co-authored with Brent Edwards), Ariel: A Review of International English Literature (January, 2000); "Writing Feminist Genealogy: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Racial Nationalism, and the Reproduction of Maternalist Feminism," Feminist Studies (Summer 2001); "Reproducing Racial Globality: W.E.B Du Bois and the Sexual Politics of Black Internationalism," Social Text (Summer 2001); "Ways of Not Seeing: Engendering Modernity's Optics in Baudelaire, Benjamin, Freud and Masereel," in Loss, D. Kazanjian and D. Eng eds. (University of California Press, 2002).

Current book projects: Wayward Reproductions: Genealogies of Race and Nation in Trans-Atlantic Modern Thought, and Rethinking Reproduction in Transnationalism.

Current anthology project: W.E.B. DuBois and The Gender of the Color Line (co-edited with Susan Gillman).

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M.A. 1974, San Francisco State

Fiction writing, Asian American Literature
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Ph.D. 1976, University of California-San Diego

American literature; women studies
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English Graduate Studies

Graduate Study in English at the University of Washington