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About the ELD

The Engineering Libraries Division of ASEE consists of librarians and information professionals concerned with the support of engineering education. We are involved in the provision of library services and the development of innovative approaches to networking information services. Our role within ASEE is to promote the role of the library as an integral part of engineering education. ELD serves as a forum for engineers who believe that information access lies at the heart of engineering education.

Milestones in Engineering Information

In 2017 the Engineering Libraries Division will celebrate its 50th anniversary as a division and the 75th anniversary of the first organized engineering librarians group in the American Society for Engineering Education. In celebration of the ELD’s double anniversary year, the Anniversary Planning Task Force* is publishing a monthly e-mail digest highlighting important topics in the history of engineering libraries and information. The goal of the task force is to publish a new digest every month (or so) until mid-2017. We welcome your feedback and ideas for future topics.

*Mel DeSart, Chelsea Leachman, Amani Magid, Nestor Osorio, Zac Painter, Anne Rauh, Tom Volkening, Michael White, Yu Zhang

What does ELD do?

While we are not a large division, we are growing fast. Among our services and publications are:

Through these resources and our international network of academic, governmental and corporate members, we provide global assistance to engineering educators and technical librarians. If you are an engineering librarian and do not belong to ASEE, we invite you to join our society and our division. If you already belong to ASEE and understand the value of information and information technologies, we would be very happy to welcome you into ELD.

What is ELD's Focus?

In ELD we are at once pragmatic and futuristic. We help colleagues to cope with the everyday problems of library management through services such as our duplicate journal exchange. We also are pioneering the development of digital libraries through our work with technical publishers, universities and computer companies. Our members contribute to the technical literature and are regular speakers at meetings such as the SAE Congress and the National Online Meeting. The future holds dramatic change for engineering libraries and ELD will be there to help mold those institutions to best serve the coming generations of engineering students.

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