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Best Publication Award

Best Reference Work Award: (ceased) replaced by: Innovation in Access to Engineering Information Award

Best Poster Award

ASEE National Conference and PIC IV Awards (awarded to ELD members)

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Ford Motor Company Digital Librarian Award (ceased)

ASEE/ELD Awards Committee

Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award

Established in 1990. Each year at the ASEE Annual Conference, the Engineering Libraries Division presents an award, consisting of a plaque, that recognizes work that contributes to the advancement and development of excellence in engineering libraries.

Homer I. Bernhardt was, from 1966 until his untimely death in 1982, head of the Bevier Engineering Library at the University of Pittsburgh. Homer Bernhardt's professional activities contributed to engineering and librarianship at Pitt and at ASEE. His commitment to the field is recognized in ELD's decision to name its Distinguished Service Award in his memory. Read the complete history of the Bernhardt Award.


Membership in ASEE is not an eligibility requirement for this award.

How to Nominate

Award nominations must include the name, title, and contact information of the nominee and nominator, nomination rationale statement, and a curriculum vitae of the nominee. The rationale statement should not exceed 700 words and should clearly indicate why the candidate is being nominated for this award. Letters of support from individuals besides the person making the nomination may be included.


Nominations, along with all required materials, must be received by February 8th by the ASEE/ELD Awards Committee chair.


2016 Megan Sapp-Nelson

Megan Sapp Nelson is an Associate Professor of Library Sciences and Engineering Librarian at Purdue University. The nomination letter stated, "Megan has greatly impressed me with her poise and skilled leadership since she joined ELD and gone through the gauntlet of all the ELD officer positions. Her vita shows she has already won a number of awards, including Best ELD paper (2012 and 2008) and ALA Top Twenty Library Instruction article (2011 and 2013). She is an experienced and effective instructor who is well integrated into several courses. She has numerous publications including articles, book chapters, presentations and posters. She has been a co-investigator and co-PI on research projects with several collaborators. Most recently she has been selected as one of two ACRL curriculum designers for a new spring 2016 Research Data Management course."

"For those who have worked with her within the ELD leadership, Megan has lead ELD through controversies with aplomb. During conference registration rate hikes and proposed taxing of division funds, she remained positive and upbeat, providing clear communication from both ELD to ASEE and vice versa, insuring that ELD members were listened to and well-informed throughout discussions. She always presented an intelligent and reasoned approach in her advocacy for ELD within the larger ASEE community." A letter of support stated, "Megan has been a star in engineering librarianship, providing innovation, engagement, leadership and scholarly contributions to share her expertise with others in the community. As an accomplished instructor and award-winning researcher, I heartily endorse her nomination for the Homer I Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award."

Due to the very generous support of ASTM, Megan will receive a stipend of $1000.00 in addition to the plaque commemorating the award.

2015 No Nominations Received

2014 Amy Van Epps

Amy Van Epps is an Associate Professor of Library Sciences and Engineering Librarian at Purdue University. The nomination letter stated “I strongly believe her numerous and ongoing contributions over the years since she joined in 1995 lead to this honor. Her academic work and professional service are so woven into the fabric of our division that it is hard to picture the group functioning without this phenomenal librarian. I was so impressed when reviewing her portfolio that I feel remiss in not nominating her years ago."  One of Amy's colleagues at Purdue stated "Amy’s enthusiasm extends to her work within the Libraries at Purdue.  She joined the PhD program in engineering education about five years ago, and she wasn’t shy about sharing her library expertise in the classroom, developing an entire cohort of engineering education students (and future faculty members) with an enhanced understanding of information literacy skills and the importance of passing those on to their students.  She was the go-to person for her entire class when research projects were assigned, with lines of students snaking out her office requesting help on how to find relevant information."

A colleague within ASEE ELD commented "Amy is a consummate mentor without the word every being mentioned. My personal experience as a brand new engineering librarian over a decade ago was enriched immeasurably by the many interactions I've had with her, both at ASEE conferences as well as by telephone when I would call her for expertise and advice. She always graciously accommodated my lack of knowledge, and was willing to be quizzed about collections and processes as well as share her prodigious institutional memory. …She does this with equanimity, grace, energy, passion, and a wonderful sense of humor."

Due to the very generous support of ASTM, Amy will receive a stipend of $1000.00 in addition to the plaque commemorating the award.  

2013 Paige Gibbs

Paige Gibbs is a Reference Librarian at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.  As a nomination letter stated “The Homer Bernhardt award is, in essence a ‘Hall of Fame’ award, and it is often granted to members who have had long and active professional careers that have included distinguished service to the association in all spheres that has contributed to its success overall. In the course of her twenty-nine years as a member of ELD, Paige has served in almost every possible capacity. After serving as Division Chair (1992-93); Program Chair (1991-1992); and Secretary/Treasurer (1989-1991), she has remained on the extended executive committee continually where her comments are well chosen and her opinions well respected. She has served as chair of the awards committee, member of the Publications Committee, Archivist, and co-Archivist.  I believe her ongoing contributions over the years since she joined in 1982 have been key to nurturing the group where networking, friendship, and the exchange of ideas flourish. Paige exemplifies the energy, dedication, and enthusiasm of an engineering librarian. She is an excellent role model for outreach and participation. Hence I nominate her for the Homer I. Bernhardt award.”

Due to the very generous support of ASTM, Paige will receive a stipend of $1000.00 in addition to the plaque commemorating her award.

Paige Gibbs receiving Bernhardt Award with George Zajdel, ASTM International
Paige Gibbs receiving award with George Zajdel, ASTM International,
Homer Bernhardt Award sponsor, 2013

2012 Maliaca Oxnam

The University of Arizona's Maliaca Oxnam began leading the TRAIL project, the Technical Reports Archive and Image Library, in 2006.  She came up with the idea, designed the product, and designed the multiple and complex processes that proved to successfully implement the product.  She has won two awards for her work on TRAIL, the CIS/ALA/GODORT "Documents to the People" Award and The University of Arizona Outstanding University Achievement Award in 2010.  However, TRAIL is not Maliaca's only achievement.  She has served the Science and Technology Section of ACRL in various capacities, including Section Chair, and recently worked with IEEE to secure $3000 in annual funding for the new STS Innovation in Science and Technology Librarianship Award. AlA selected her in 2010 to participate in the ALA Emerging Leaders program.  
2011 Dorothy Byers

Dorothy Byers, Engineering Librarian Emeritus at the University of Cincinnati, serves currently as Head, Abu Dhabi Campus Library at Kalifa University. Dorothy has a long and rich history of contributions to ELD and to engineering librarianship. Her work to get ABET to accept a greatly modified questionnaire for engineering libraries was a significant accomplishment in the never ending quest to enable others to more fully understand the progressive, real work of engineering libraries.  Numerous letters of support testified not only of her official service to ELD, but to her ability to make newcomers feel warmly welcomed to the fold. 
2010 Jay Bhatt

Jay Bhatt of is the Engineering Librarian at Drexel University.  As highlighted and summarized by the nomination letter, "The purpose of ELD is to bring together engineering librarians across the country to collaborate, network, and share skills. The Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award 'recognizes work that contributes to the advancement and development of excellence in engineering libraries.' I believe his record in reaching out to many constituencies, promotion of information literacy, authoring original papers, collaborations on presentations, mentoring others, and technical work attest to his advancement and development of excellence in engineering libraries. I enthusiastically nominate him for this award based on this and his record of contributions and service to ASEE, ELD, his colleagues throughout the world, the many engineering students he has taught, and the engineering library profession as a whole."  Numerous letters of support outlined the outreach and effectiveness of Jay's efforts. 
2009 No award
2008 Larry Thompson

Larry Thompson is an Associate Professor and Engineering Librarian at Virginia Tech. [Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University] in Blacksburg, VA.  As highlighted and summarized by the nomination letter, "I'm nominating Larry because of his continuing strong service to the ELD division, engineering librarianship, and his wide-ranging contributions to his colleagues. He has been not only active as an executive officer (secretary/treasurer, program chair, and division chair), but he has remained extremely productive since his executive office service.  He chairs the JSTOR committee and reports regularly to ELD regarding its achievements, investigates digital rights management issues with SAE, reported thoroughly into whether to retain NASA STAR publications, serves actively on the development committee (which he founded), and enthusiastically mentors new ELD officers.    He is excellent at gathering information from the division, researching further, talking diplomatically to vendors and publishers, and reporting back.  Because we are all busy with our own responsibilities, this continued diligence is rare and valuable.  He follows up without fail to help his colleagues." 
2007 John M. Saylor

John M. Saylor is the Director of the Engineering Library, Cornell University and Interim Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Communications and Collections, Cornell University Library.  The committee cited as determining factors John's: over thirty-five years of leadership in engineering librarianship; pioneering work in advancing the cause of digital libraries and open access initiatives; record of presentation, collaboration, and publishing; professionalism and mentoring of numerous engineering librarians; and significant contributions to ELD, including ELDnet-L, Director, and Chair of the J-stor Task Force.  John's efforts on these projects [Synthesis and NEEDS (1990-1995), ICE (1992-1997), NDSL (2002-2006), KMODDL (2002-2004), et al.] demonstrate the forward thinking, leadership, and service that he has brought to engineering librarianship for decades. 
2006 Linda Musser

Linda Musser was awarded the Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service for outstanding efforts that contribute to the advancement and development of excellence in engineering libraries. Letters of support explained that "In her career, Linda has taken the brave path - choosing to stay where we as a profession so desperately need colleagues and friends - in middle management. She is an outstanding individual who evokes admiration and respect” and "Linda is not just active at the ASEE annual meeting; she is an inspiration--a role model to me with her positive outlook and cheerful support of others. It is her openness, approachability, positive attitude, and mentoring skills that have made me a fan. Her support of members outside the meeting rooms endears her, and this supportive collegiality may be her greatest contribution to our profession." 

2005 Karen Andrews

The Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award was presented to Karen Andrews for her strong professional service, assistance to colleagues, energy for management and committee work, her wisdom, her inquisitive mind, and her sense of humor. Two letters of support included personal testimonials of how Karen emulates the standards for which he [Homer] was known: “For those of us who remember Homer, we think about the wry sense of humor and keen wit coupled with a strong professional dedication to information service and to helping his colleagues learn and grow.”

The committee cited as determining factors Karen’s professional perspective; philosophy of leadership; recruitment and mentoring of new engineering librarians; work with scholarly communication and publishing; and extraordinary service to ELD.  “Karen’s career embodies the best of librarianship: energy for carrying out difficult management and committee tasks; wisdom for knowing how to accomplish work and develop the best in others; and an inquisitive mind that searches for new solutions and recognizes the need to be a constant learner even while leading.”  “Karen fosters and encourages an atmosphere of creativity, support, and an expectation that library staff will excel. She leads with a sense of purpose and, when necessary, a sense of humor.”

2004 Mel DeSart

Mel DeSart is Head of the Engineering Library at the University of Washington.  Mel’s substantial achievements in the profession: the establishment of the ELDNET-L listserv, recruitment and mentoring of new engineering librarians, leadership in areas of scholarly communication, and significant contributions to ELD have made him a leader, trusted colleague, and a creative force in the community of engineering librarians. He has raised the visibility and professional status of engineering librarians by his own modeling of exceptional competence, enthusiasm, and unselfish contributions to the profession. Mel’s nomination received over a dozen letters of support from colleagues, faculty, vendors, and consortia representatives. One quote best summarizes those letters and the committee's decision, “Mel's dedication, his commitment and devotion to the profession, and his vitality are simply phenomenal.”

2003 Christy Hightower

Christy Hightower, University of California, Santa Cruz, has been an active member of the engineering librarian community for over 15 years and has distinguished herself through her service to ELD, her contributions to the literature, and her support of her profession and her colleagues.  She has served in the past as ELD Director and currently promotes collaboration among science and technology librarians by directing ELD’s liaison program.  Beyond her service to ELD, Christy’s achievements in the profession--as a leader in developing web usability, her pioneering work in federated searching, and as an influential evaluator of electronic resources--have made her an asset to Engineering Librarianship.

2002 Orion Pozo

Orion is the Collection Manager for Engineering at North Carolina State University. He has been an active member of ASEE/ELD for many years.  He has participated at a number of ASEE Annual Conferences as an attendee, moderator, and presenter. In 2000 he presented on NCSU’s experiences with E-Books, which was one of the most successful sessions at that conference.  Orion, as a public service librarian, organized the first ever meeting of North Carolina university engineering librarians.  The meeting was extremely successful and would never have happened without his efforts. Orion, as a technical services librarian, created and has coordinated ELD’s Duplicates Exchange program for the last 10 years. This internet based project serves over 100 North American academic engineering libraries. Another nominator commented that Orion answers the questions that many of us want to ask but haven’t the time to investigate. Trust me, you don’t know how “deep” a meeting can be until you have heard Orion provide all the circulation data for every journal in every Triangle Library for the last 10 years – all from the top of his head!

2001 William Mischo

William H. Mischo is Head of the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne. Bill’s achievements in the profession: as a leader in digital library initiatives, as a mentor beyond compare and as a well-rounded researcher and author, have made him a very visible asset to Engineering Librarianship. “To the rest of the library world, the name “Bill Mischo” is synonymous with engineering librarianship; to his colleagues and friends it evokes admiration and respect.”  In addition to other accomplishments, Bill was honored for having mentored many in the profession, quite a few of whom were in attendance.  In addition to receiving a handsome plaque, he was asked to pose for pictures wearing a very silly hat.

2000 Tom Conkling
1999 Robert Schwarzwalder
1998 Steven Gass
1997 No award
1996 No award
1995 Clifford Lynch
1994 No award
1993 No award
1992 Maurita Holland
1991 Edwin Posey
1990 Kathy Jackson

Best Publication Award

The purpose of this award is to honor the best new paper or non-reference monographic work in engineering information.

Award History: Established 1998.


The Engineering Libraries Division of ASEE Award Committee is pleased to announce the following 2016 award winners: Qinqin Zhang, Maren Goodman, and Shiyi Xie for their article Integrating Library Instruction into the Course Management System for a First-Year Engineering Class: An Evidence-Based Study Measuring the Effectiveness of Blended Learning on Students’ Information Literacy Levels.  The article was published in College & Research Libraries, November 2015, pages 934-958.

The Awards Committee found that this paper stood out for several reasons.  One committee member commented “This is a very relevant paper as many of us are struggling with a way to engage with undergraduate engineering students in a way that will be more engaging and also address different learning styles and preferences. Their point that blended learning modules can provide an opening to work more closely with course instructors, too, is an added benefit for moving away from a traditional lecture mode. The inclusion of the appendixes that support this work was very much appreciated, as is the extensive bibliography.”  Another member concisely described the article as “Very thorough, great methodology, good literature review, availability of pre and post-test for comparison, and a very timely topic.”

Qinqin Zhang, Maren Goodman, and Shiyi Xie  Qinqin Zhang and Shiyi Xie are Research and Instructional Services Librarians at the University of Western Ontario; Maren Goodman is a Clinical Librarian at London Health Sciences Centre. 

The Engineering Libraries Division of ASEE Award Committee is pleased to announce the following 2015 award winners: Michael Fosmire and David Radcliffe. Integrating Information into the Engineering Design Process. Purdue University Press, 2014. A librarian who nominated the book stated this about it: "[The book] has been indispensable for me this year. I am a relatively new engineering librarian and this book helped me greatly in understanding the needs of engineers when they are undertaking their capstone projects. It also was very helpful to me when preparing workshops for students. Although I've only had the book for less than year, it is already well worn from constantly reading and rereading it." A member of the Award Committee commented, "I don't know of any other book like this - I know I'll be referring to it often in my own instruction work, and referring engineering faculty to it."

In addition to being for sale through Purdue University Press, the book became available through Open Access in January, 2015. The book can be found on the Purdue University Press E-Books site.

Patricia Elaine Kirkwood (University of Arkansas) and Necia T. Parker-Gibson (University of Arkansas) for their book "Informing Chemical Engineering Decisions with Data, Research, and Government Resources", published by Morgan & Claypool Publishers as book #1 of the Synthesis Lectures on Chemical Engineering and Biochemical Engineering, 2013.

An Award Committee member noted, "This is an excellent resource both for librarians new to chemical/agricultural engineering and to new researchers. The case studies are excellent, with multifaceted questions - and one of them uses only free resources. The book's focus on real-world uses for information will speak to engineers. I think its usefulness extends beyond undergraduates - it would be very helpful to newly employed engineers, and parts of it are also relevant for graduate students or faculty who are looking for ways to broaden their search habits."  Other comments were "...they made a topic that often is overlooked easy or easier to understand - chemistry & chemical engineering is often intimidating to science librarians.  I think they disentangled the obvious and made research methods in those fields compelling and noting best practices." and "As someone who is not all that familiar with chemical engineering, I can see myself coming back to this article (and recommending it to others)."​

Ashok Naimpally (Fresno City College), Hema Ramachandran (California State University—Long Beach), and Caroline Smith (University of Nevada Las Vegas) for their book "Lifelong Learning for Engineers and Scientists in the Information Age" published by Elsevier. As one nominator said in her letter of nomination:

“This slim volume of just 91 pages brings into juxtaposition the goals and realities of engineering education and of teaching information literacy, marking points of logical intersection and providing suggestions for both librarians and engineering educators to take advantage of those. Engineering curricula are extensive and intense, and ABET accreditation standards require tangible evidence of a wide range of outcomes including ‘an ability to engage in lifelong learning.’ The authors of this book have mapped out both ABET criteria and ACRL information literacy standards, and have identified where definitions of lifelong learning and selected competencies in each are in concert." “The book is deceptive in its brevity; each succinct chapter concludes with a list of references providing a wealth of further information and examples to explore.“ An Award Committee member found it  “a great resource” and that it “includes great talking points for librarians to use when discussing the importance of information literacy with faculty and practicing engineers."

Jacob Carlson, Michael Fosmire, C.C. Miller, Megan Sapp Nelson for their article "Determining Data Information Literacy Needs: A Study of Students and Research Faculty". portal: Libraries and the Academy, 11(2):629-657, April 2011.

Conkling, Thomas, Kevin Harwell, Cheryl McCallips, Sylvia Nyana and Bonnie Osif for their article "Research Material Selection in the Pre-Web and Post-Web Environments: An Interdiscplinary Study of Bibliographic Citation in Doctoral Dissertations". The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 36(1):20-31, Jan 2010.

Lafferty, Meghan for her paper "A Framework for Evaluating Science and Technology Electronic Reference Books:  A Comparison of Five Platforms in Chemistry". Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, Number 59: Fall, 2009.

Meier, John and Thomas Conkling for their article "Google Scholar’s Coverage of the Engineering Literature: An Empirical Study". The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 34(3):196-201, 2008.

Nelson, Megan S. "Initiating Engineering Outreach Reference Services: Background and Practice." Reference Services Review, 35(2):265-284, 2007.

Williams, Virginia Kay and Christine Lea Fletcher "Materials Used by Master's Students in Engineering and Implications for Collection Development: A Citation Analysis." Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, 45: Winter (2006).

Okudan-Kremer, Gül E. and Bonnie A. Osif "Effect of Guided Research Experience on Product Design Performance." Journal of Engineering Education v.94, no. 2 (2005):255-262. access to pdf requires ASEE membership

Tenopir, Carol, Donald W. King. Communication Patterns of Engineers. Piscataway, NJ : IEEE Press ; Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Interscience, 2004.

Oxnam, Maliaca. (2003) "The Informed Engineer.", In: 33rd ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, November 5-8, 2003, Boulder, CO, pp. F1E-5 - F1E-8, Piscataway, N.J. : IEEE.

Lawal, Ibironke (Ronke). "Scholarly Communication: The Use and Non-Use of E-Print Archives for the Dissemination of Scientific Information", Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship 36 Fall (2002).

Nerz, Honora F. and Suzanne T. Weiner "Information Competencies: A Strategic Approach." Proceedings of the ASEE 2001 Annual Conference, Albuquerque, NM.

Cohen, Ari. "ESL: Engineering Societies Library: End of a Special Library." Science and Technology Libraries, Vol. 19 No.1 (2000).

Lin, Poping. "Core Information Competencies Redefined: A Study of the Information Education of Engineers," Leading Ideas 11, pp. 2-7.

Conkling, Tom and Kelly Jordan "Enhancing NTIS Database Access at a Multi Campus University." Science & Technology Libraries 16(2):27-35.

Weiner, Suzanne. "Librarians as teaching team members in a mechanical engineering senior design course." Science and Technology Libraries 16(1):3-10.


1. Single or multiple authors are eligible. Works authored by Awards Committee members are ineligible during the members' term of service.

2. Work must have been published during the year prior to the year in which the award will be made.

3. Work should represent a significant contribution to the field of engineering information. Work should be scholarly, show evidence of thorough research, documentation, and critical evaluation. It should be clearly written and well organized.

Send nominations by February 8th to the ASEE/ELD Awards Committee Chair.

Innovation in Access to Engineering Information Award

The purpose of this award is to honor innovation in access to engineering information.

2016: Not awarded.

2015: Not awarded.

2014: Not awarded.

2013: Not awarded.

2012: Not awarded.

2011: Eugene Barsky for digitizing and creating open access to 30 years of symposium proceedings of the British Columbia Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation.


1. Awarded to a person or entity for the creation of a resource, service or tool in any format that provides innovation in accessing, utilizing, or presenting engineering information. Members of the Award Committee are ineligible during the members' term of service.

2. The resource, service or tool must have become available during the two years previous to the year in which the award will be made.

3. The resource, service or tool should represent a significant contribution to the field of engineering information.

4. Resources in all media are eligible.

Best Reference Work Award

The purpose of this award was to honor the best new reference work in engineering information.

Award History:
Established 1998, ceased 2010.


2008: Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science, Collection I.

2007: Osif, Bonnie A. Using the Engineering Literature. Routledge studies in library and information science, 1. London: Routledge, 2006

2006: Information Sources in Engineering, 4th ed., edited by Roderick A. MacLeod and Jim Corlett. München : K.G. Saur, 2005.

2005: Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, edited by Hari Singh Nalwa. Stevenson Ranch, Calif. : American Scientific Publishers, 2004.

2004: Comprehensive Structural Integrity, edited by Ian Milne; Robert O. Ritchie; Bhushan L. Karihaloo. Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier/Pergamon, 2003.

2003: Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology, edited by Jacqueline I. Kroschwitz. 3rd edition. John Wiley: Hoboken, NJ, 2002 & 2003

2002: International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors, edited by Waldemar Karwowski. New York: Taylor and Francis, 2001.

2001: ENGnetBase, a collection of full text handbooks published by CRC Press.

2000: McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, 4th edition, 1998, edited by Sybil P. Parker.

1999: The Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, edited by John G. Webster. New York: Wiley and Sons.

1998: Perry's chemical engineers' handbook, 7th ed." Robert H. Perry, editor; Don W. Green and James O. Maloney, associate editors. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1997.


1. Single or multiple authors are eligible. Works authored by Awards Committee members are ineligible during the members' term of service.

2. Reference works must have been published during the previous two years prior to the year in which the award will be made.

3. Reference works should represent a significant contribution to the field of engineering information.

4. Works in all media are eligible.

Send nominations by February 8th to ASEE/ELD Awards Committee Chair.

ELD Best Poster Award

The Best Poster Award recognizes the presenter(s) who display(s) a clear, well-organized poster that most effectively conveys the content of the poster.

Award History:
Established 2006.


2016: “Modification of the House of Quality to Assess Information Gaps during Quality Function Deployment of Engineering”, Chelsea Leachman and Jacob William Leachman (Washington State University).

2015: No posters submitted

2014: Embedding Video-Based Learning Modules for Library Research Methods in an Online Graduate Engineering Program, Jeffery L. Loo (University of California, Berkeley), Lisa T.Ngo (University of California, Berkeley), Cody K. Hennesy (University of California, Berkeley), Brian D. Quigley (University of California, Berkeley), Jean McKenzie (University of California, Berkeley).

2013: Beyond JEE: Finding Publication Venues to Get Your Message to the ‘Right’ Audience, Amy Van Epps, (Purdue University)

2012: No posters submitted

2011: The Hybrid Reference Desk: Changing Strategies for Changing Times, Larry Thompson (Virginia Tech).

2010: An Analysis of ASEE-ELD Conference Proceedings: 2000-2009, David Hubbard

2009: Assembling a Best Copy Archival Journal Collection: A Case Study of the University of California IEEE Project, Robert Heyer-Gray, Jean McKenzie, Lisa Ngo, Karen Andrews and Emily Stambaugh [paper]

2008: SAE and Digital Rights (Mis)management or How to Marginalize Your Product, Alienate Your Customers, and Jeopardize Your Future (in Three Easy Steps), Larry Thompson

2007: A New Paradigm for Asessing the Potential of a Digital Resource: The Paid Trail, Sasha Gurke and Lee Pedersen

2006: Desperately Seeking Information: Where and Why Engineering Students Find the Information They Need, Theresa Barker, Julie Cook and Linda Whang (University of Washington).


1. Single or multiple presenters are eligible.

2. Presenters need not be members of ELD, but must be members of ASEE.

3. Posters presented by Awards Committee members are ineligible during the members' term of service.

4. Poster must be presented during the ELD Poster Session time slot at the annual ASEE National Conference at which the award will be made.

Poster will be judged on the following criteria:




Deadline for submission is the same as the deadline for submission of abstracts in the ASEE electronic submission system, usually the first week of October. The Award will be presented at the ELD Annual Meeting at the ASEE Annual Conference or, in the event the ELD Annual Meeting occurs prior to the ELD Poster Session, at the last ELD session prior to the ELD EEC Meeting.

Ford Motor Company Digital Librarian Award

The Ford Motor Company periodically sponsors this award to allow a new science/engineering librarian to attend the ASEE Annual Conference. The award, which will defray the cost of registration at the meeting, is given on the basis of an essay which best demonstrates an understanding and vision of the digital sci-tech library of the future.


1999 Honora Ford Nerz
1998 Shelley Matthews
1997 Joseph Kraus
1996 Kelly Jordan

ASEE National Conference Awards (received by ELD members)

ASEE PIC IV Best Paper Award

Fosmire, Michael and Radcliffe, David F. "Knowledge-enabled Engineering Design: Toward an Integrated Model."
Session T633, Information Literacy in Context: Enabling Real World Problem Solving, Proceedings of the ASEE 2012 Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Woody Everett Award, Computers in Education Division

Kolko, Beth and Whang, Linda. "Assessing Reliability and Credibility for Online Engineering Resources." Session 1520. Proceedings of the ASEE 2002 Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada.

ASEE Best Conference Paper Award and PIC IV Best Paper Award

Nerz, Honora F. and Weiner, Suzanne T. "Information Competencies: A Strategic Approach." Session 2241. Proceedings of the ASEE 2001 Annual Conference, Albuquerque, NM.

ASEE PIC IV Best Paper Award

Cribb, Gulcin "Information Skills Training for Engineers." Session 1441. Proceedings of the ASEE 1998 Annual Conference, Seattle, WA.


ASEE Centennial Medallion

Maurita Holland, University of Michigan

ASEE Centennial Certificate for Distinguished Service

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ASEE/ELD Awards Committee:

, Chair, Kansas State University
Buenaventura “Ven” Basco, Jay Bhatt, Judy Brink,
Julia Gelfand, Anne Glorioso, Lisha Li, James Van Loon

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