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Assisting Librarians Off to Hawaii for ASEE - the ALOHA program from ELD and IOP

The leadership of the Engineering Libraries Division (ELD) realizes that the annual conference and exposition of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) is an expensive proposition each year for most librarians. Unlike many library conferences, where registration fees are less than $150, the least expensive registration for the 2007 ASEE conference has increased $50 from last year, to $402. In addition, travel costs for the 2007 conference are higher than in most years because the conference is being held in Honolulu. At current airline prices, registration and transportation costs alone could easily total over $1200 for many members. Add in lodging and other expenses, and the cost of the 2007 conference could easily exceed $2000 for many attendees.

ELD leadership realizes that these costs are particularly problematic for librarians who are new to the profession and who are in entry-level or near entry-level positions, where librarian salaries are relatively low. As a result, we are concerned that some librarians won't even try to attend the 2007 conference because of the out-of-pocket costs involved. With that in mind, we proposed to the Institute of Physics Publishing to use $3000 of one-time funding from IOP Publishing to help defray the costs associated with attendance at the 2007 conference for up to 10 ELD members who are in their first five (5) years of professional employment as librarians.

Librarians who are in their first five years of professional appointment and who wish to apply for this assistance must supply all requested information in the Web form available at http://www.lib.purdue.edu/engr/ELD/ALOHA.html. This funding is meant to support those with the greatest need, so applicants will be asked to document what level of funding they can expect to receive from their institutions, as well as approximate round-trip air fare from their regional airport to Honolulu, among other elements. Awards (of no less than $300 per person) will be made to those with the greatest demonstrated need. A panel of current and former ELD officers will review the applications and determine the awardees. If fewer than 10 people apply for the awards, the $3000 from IOP Publishing will divided among those applicants who the ELD review panel members agree meet the guidelines outlined above.

Applications MUST be received by no later than 10 p.m. EST on Monday, March 5th. Award decisions will be made within a week, and awardees notified by no later than Wednesday, March 14th. This timeline is set so that applicants will know whether they will receive awards at least a week before the ASEE conference early-bird registration deadline, which is Wednesday, March 21st. Awards may be used ONLY to support attendance at ASEE 2007 in Hawaii. While award announcements will be made by no later than Wednesday, March 14th, checks will not be authorized until awardees have sent confirmation of their ASEE 2007 conference registration to ELD Secretary/Treasurer Amy Van Epps ( ).

If you have questions about any of the above, please contact me.

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