Annual Conference Program
Salt Lake City 2004

June 21, 2004
June 22, 2004
June 23, 2004

8:30 – 10:15


Session 1200
ASEE Function
ASEE Main Plenary

Committee Meeting Time

Session 3241
Moderator: Julia Gelfand
Rethinking Collection Development
Room: 250 F

Building a Nanotechnology Collection at the University of Washington - Linda Whang

Supplementing the Library Collection with Digital Content from Engineering Departments -
Karen Clay

Collapsing Engineering Money into One Pot: Experiences of Eliminating Departmental Allocations -
Larry Schmidt

Information Resources for Industrial Health and Safety Degree Programs -
Linda Musser

Interdisciplinarity in Collection Development -
Julia Gelfand

10:30 – 12:00


Session 1341
Moderator: Alice Trussell

Get Acquainted and ELD Special Interest Groups Meeting 
Room: 151 G

Continental Breakfast

Session 2305
Moderator: Christy Hightower
Distinguished Lecture: Library Systems as if Users Mattered

Grand Ballroom E&G

Speaker: Roy Tennant, California Digital Library

Session 3341
ASEE Function
Distinquished Lectures (Mini-plenary)
Committee Meeting Time

12:30 – 2:00


Session 1441
Moderator: Liz Mengel
Assessing Changes in Scholarly Research
Room: 251 A

Have we Changed the Way we do Research in Response to the Availability of Online Information? - Paul Blowers and Barbara Williams

Development and Application of Rating Scales To Understand What Journals & Databases Faculty Use In A Science & Engineering Library -
Frank Elliott
Associated Files: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

How Electronic Journals Are Changing Engineers' Information Seeking and Reading Patterns -
Donald King and Carol Tenopir

Session 2441
Moderator: Bill Mischo
Federated Searching
Room: 251 E

Determing functional requirements for a metasearch tool for MIT - Deborah Helman

Metasearch Technologies in Reference Work, OAI, and Search Navigation Assistance - William Mischo and Mary Schlembach

Metasearching: Present and Future - Peter Noerr, Museglobal

The Promise and Perils of Metasearching - Roy Tennant

Session 3441
Moderator: Jay Bhatt
Engineering Ethics Case Studies
Room: 251 B

Engineering Ethics, the Drexel Engineering Curriculum and the Library - a collaborative teaching partnership - Jay Bhatt, Eli Fromm, Mark Manion

Using Case Studies to Teach Engineering Design and Ethics -
Larry Richards

ABET 2000 and Ethics: Partnering with Librarians to Embed Ethics into Course Curricula -
Alice Trussell

2:30 – 4:15


Session 1541
Moderator: Mel DeSart
ELD Poster Session
Room: Exhibit Hall

Engineering Information Retrieval – a Web-based Interactive Tutorial - Jay Bhatt, Andy Wheeler, John Meyer, Rafael Sidi

The Ethics of Engineering Research (or where’s the money coming from?) -
Maria Kochis

Strategies and Methods for Conducting Historical Engineering Research -
Maria Kochis

Librarianship at the intersection of engineering and business -
Margaret Mellinger

Web-Based Tutorial for Information Literacy -
Ann Morgan

Assessing the Informational Needs of Engineering Graduate Students -
Sheila Young

Also ASEE Focus on Exhibits

Session 2541
Moderator: Karen Andrews
XML in a Nutshell

Room: 251 B

Speaker: Roy Tennant

Session 3541
Moderator: Najwa Hanel
Library Instruction Forum

Room: 250 E

Librarians' Contributions to an Engineering Honors Program - Julie Arnold, Robert Kackley, Neal Kaske

Bringing Library Instruction to Engineering Students: Comparing Three Approaches - Susan Boyd

Spatial Data Visualization and Analysis Support in the Library -
Francis Derby and Bruce Reid

Improving Undergraduate Education Through Faculty/Librarian Collaboration - Jean McKenzie

4:30 – 6:00


Session 1641
Moderators: Doug McGee and
Gay Woods
Libraries as a Place
Room: 251 F

Benchmarking for Building: Future Engineering and Science Libraries - Anna Gold

Shattering the Stereotypes: Fiedler Engineering Library -
Alice Trussell

Creating an Engineering Library in the 21st Century – A Case Study at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering -
Stephanie White

Session 2641
Moderator: Larry Thompson
ELD Annual Business Meeting
Room: 151 G

Session 3641
ELD EEC Meeting
(Officers and Committee/Task Force Chairs)
Room: 150 D&E

6:30 – 8:30


Session 1741
Moderator: Amy Van Epps
ELD New Members Reception
University of Utah/Marriott Library

Session 2741
Mary Steiner
ELD Annual Banquet
299 S. Main Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 250
(in Wells Fargo Center building)
(801) 535-4300

Session 3805
ASEE Function
ASEE Banquet

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