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  Sunday/18th Monday/19th Tuesday/20th Wednesday/21st
8:30-10:15   Session 1205
ASEE Main Plenary
Advancing Scholarship in Engineering Education: Launching a Year of Dialogue

Grand Ballroom (Gold Level, East Tower)

Accompanying documents:
Welcome to the Year of Dialogue
ASEE Main Pleanry Questions
Year of Dialogue Reading List
Session 2241
ELD Annual Business Meeting
Jill Powell, chair

Regency A (Gold Level, West Tower)

All ELD members invited.

Breakfast sponsored by Morgan & Claypool
Session 3241
ELD Poster Session
Nancy Linden, moderator

19 Poster Presentations!
10:30-12:00   Session 1341
Special Interest Group: Get Acquainted Session
Get Acquainted Handout (pdf)
Alteteia Greenwood, moderator

Breakout Sessions:
Collaborating with faculty/liaison doc
Collection Issues doc
Digital Repositories doc
Evaluation of services doc
Information Literacy doc
Open Access/Scholarly Communications doc
Technology Used by Librarians doc
Technology used by patrons doc
The Future of Academic Libraries doc

Plaza Ballroom (Green Level, East Tower)

Lunch sponsored by Knovel
Mini Plenary Mini Plenary
12:30-2:00 CUEBALLS Activities Session 1441
Taking Back What is Ours
Liz Mengel, moderator

Skyway 260 (Blue Level, East Tower)

Experience with an alternate engineering journal ppt - Charles Steele

Speakers include Charles Steele, professor emeritus of mechanical engineering at Stanford University, and a panel featuring guest speaker Rob Kirby, professor of mathematics at UC-Berkeley, as well as librarian and publisher respondents.
Session 2441
ELD Committee Meetings

Regency C (Gold Level, West Tower)
Open Period
2:15-4:00 CUEBALLS Activities Session 1541
Engineering Librarianship 101: Mastering the Craft
Karen Andrews, moderator

New Orleans (Gold Level, West Tower)

Strategies for Success in Engineering Librarianship - Bob Schwarzwalder

Mentoring the Mid-Career Engineering Librarian - Anita Colby

Everything Old is New Again: Traditional Services in the Digital Age - Deborah Kegel
Session 2541
Staying Relevant to Our Users
Darcy Duke, moderator

Gold Coast (Bronze Level, West Tower)

Guest Speaker Michael Stephens, Special Projects Librarian, St. Joseph Public Library, South Bend, IN.

GIS in the Realm of Engineering and Science Libraries ppt - Anne Graham

A Systems Approach to Designing a Customized Information Delivery System ppt - Amy Van Epps
Session 3541
Forum on Collaborative Information Literacy Programs
Angie Locknar, moderator

Gold Coast (Bronze Level, West Tower)

The Literate Engineer: Infusing Info Lit Skills throughout an Engineering Curriculum ppt - Lisa Bullard & Honora Eskridge

Integrating Info Lit Concepts into an Upper level Biomedical Engineering Design Course ppt - Christine Drew

Info Lit and Learning Outcome Analysis of Freshman Engineering Course ppt - Larry Schmidt

Engineering Professional Development 151: Technical Information Resources
Engaging with the CoE Curriculum?
ppt - Diana Wheeler

"Where's ALL the Money Go?" Enriching Instruction through Information Economics ppt - Scott Warren
4:30-6:00 CUEBALLS Activities Sessions 1693 and 1673
ASEE Emerging Trends Poster Session and Focus on Exhibits,
Happy Hour

Riverside Center (Purple Level, East Tower)
Session 2641
Assessment of Information Literacy Programs for Engineers
Linda Musser, moderator

Toronto (Gold Level, West Tower)

Aiding and ABETing: Assessment of Information Literacy in the Context of ABET 2000 Criteria - Kevin Drees

Information Literacy and the Art of Doing Research within the Context of an Engineering Technical Communication Class - Anne Parker and Norma Godavari

TAC of ABET Criterion 2, Faculty/Librarian Partnerships, and Information Literacy: Results of a Big 12 Inter-Institutional Workshop - Judith Collins
Session 3641
Business Meeting: ELD EEC meeting
Kate Thomes, chair

San Francisco (Gold Level, West Tower)

Attendees: ELD Officers and Committee Chairs
6:00-9:00 Society Wide Picnic
at Navy Pier
Session 1741
Welcome Reception
Liz Mengel, 2nd year Director and Amy Van Epps, Membership Chair
Gino's East Pizza
633 N. Wells St.

Dinner sponsored by IEEE
Session 2741
ELD Annual Banquet
Carol Brach, 1st year Director

Dinner cruise sponsored by Elsevier.

Board the ship Spirit of Chicago at Navy Pier between 6-7, Sailing time 7-10 pm.
CUEBALLS Activities

Poster Session
Wednesday, June 21st at 8:30 - 10-15 am

Future City: More than a Competition - it grows into a campus collaboration project! ppt - Susan Boyd
pdf version | Resources for Library Exhibits doc | Future Cities and Sustainable Development doc

PE Exam Scores and Info Lit Skills - Is there a correlation? ppt - John Napp

Managing Information Using RefWorks: Beyond the "Wow" factor ppt - Amy Kindschi

Attributes, Characteristics and Codes of Conduct of a Critical Thinker pdf - Ronald Earley and Mysore Narayanan

Use of Color in Dissertations and Theses ppt - Linda Musser

The Spartan Engineer: a unique information resource for the MSU College of Engineering - Tom Volkening

The Western Waters Digital Library: a New Resource for Water management, policy and scholarship - Daureen Nesdill

An Outreach Experiment: Partnership with Academic Student Organizations to Provide Reference Service - Megan Sapp

When Engineering Students get what they Want: Unmediated borrowing in an engineering university library and reflections on collection development jpg - Lisa Dunn & Patricia Anderson

Women in Engineering Programs: an analysis of the Published Literature - Nestor Osorio

Coaching Styles: How they help manage and motivate librarians and their staff more effectively - Bruce Reid

Literature Resources for bioinformatics - Sheila Young

1st Year Engineering Students Invading the Library: Integrating Outreach, collaboration, and Info Lit - Eric Resnis

Google Scholar, How useful is it in finding Scholarly info in the Sciences and Engineering? ppt - Paula Storm

Using Circulation Data and Endeca facets to Build a Subject Guide: a case study ppt - Scott Warren
Using Circulation Data and Endeca facets to Build a Subject Guide doc

Active Learning of Library Skills in the Engineering Classroom - Anita Colby & Sharon Shafer

Luring them Back: How we used everything short of sex, drugs, and violence to bring engineering students back into the library - John Forys

Desperately Seeking information: where and why engineering students find the information they need pdf - Theresa Barker, Julie Cook and Linda Whang -- Winner of the 2006 ELD Best Poster Award

Tracking the "Elusive" e-resource pdf - Audrey Jackson

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