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CUEBALLS Activities
  Sunday/24th Monday/25th Tuesday/26th Wednesday/27th
7:00-8:15   Session 1141
Thinking Ahead: Supporting New Technologies in Engineering Libraries
Hawaii Convention Center, 317A

Theodore Baldwin, moderator

Library 2.0 [BETA]: Implementing New Technologies in Libraries Using the Google Labs Method ppt - Darcy Duke

Spatial Data (GIS) Support for Multiple Disciplines with Land Surveying Engineering as the Lead Element: A Work in Progress at the Penn State Wilkes-Barre Campus ppt - Bruce Reid

Nanotechnology in U.S. Patents: Classification, Searching and Analysis ppt - Charlotte Erdmann

Session Report pdf - Christine Drew

Healthy Continental Breakfast Sponsored by Knovel.
Session 2141
ELD Annual Business Meeting
Hawaii Convention Center, 316A

Kate Thomes, chair

All ELD members invited.

Breakfast sponsored by Morgan & Claypool.
8:30-10:15 Session 0241
Workshop 1

Measuring the Lifelong Learning Outcome in Terms of Information Literacy Components
Hawaii Convention Center, 318B

Barbara Williams and Kevin Drees, moderators

ABET 3i: Lifelong Learning and Information Literacy ppt - Sheila Young

Linking Information Literacy Skills to ABET's Lifelong Learning Component ppt - Kimberly Ogden and Paul Blowers

Six ways to enhance course Syllabi doc - Barbara Williams
Session 1205
Main Plenary: Experiencing Engineering
Hawaii Convention Center, Ballroom A-B
Open Period Session 3241
ELD Poster Session
Hawaii Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 1p

Ibironke Lawal, moderator
10:30-12:00 Session 0241
Workshop 1

Measuring the Lifelong Learning Outcome in Terms of Information Literacy Components
Hawaii Convention Center, 318B

Increasing the effectiveness of Student Research in a Biomaterials Course ppt - Elisabeth Papazoglou, Donald McEachron, Siddharth Gadkari, Chetana Sunkari, and Jay Bhatt

Drafting: what's information literacy got to do with it? ppt - Salomon Davila and Hema Ramachandran

Promoting Lifelong Learning in Engineering via a One-Credit Information Literacy Course ppt - Edward Eckel

Curriculum integrated instruction in Engineering Education ppt - Adriana Popescu
Session 1341
Special Interest Group: Get Acquainted Session
Get Acquainted Handout pdf

Hawaii Convention Center, 321B

Bruce Neville, moderator

Lunch sponsored by Institute of Physics. Boxed Lunch will be provided at the end of this session.
Mini Plenary

Session 2390
Engineers and Public Policy: A View from the Top
Hawaii Convention Center, 316B

Session 2391
University-Industry Partnerships
Hawaii Convention Center, 316C
Mini Plenary

Session 3305
Technology Journalism: Srategy to Enhance ABET Competencies and Public Understanding of Engineering
Deborah L. Illman

Open Computation, Expanding the Approach to Scholarly Research in Engineering Education
Clifford Lynch
Hawaii Convention Center, 316B

Dorothy Byers, moderator
12:30-2:00 Session 0541
Workshop 2

Open Source Digital Library Systems: Streetprint & Greenstone
University of Hawaii, Manoa

Martha Chantiny and Bob Schwarzwalder, moderators

start time 1:30 p.m.

Open Source Digital Library”Systems: Streetprint & Greenstone ppt - Martha Chantiny
Session 1441
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water: Ancient Elements or Ingredients of Disaster? Preparedness in Engineering Libraries.
Hawaii Convention Center, 316A

Alice Trussell, moderator

Library Disaster Recovery: Opportunities Seized and Lessons Learned ppt - Bruce Neville

Preparing for the Next Disaster: Learning the Lessons from the 2004 Manoa Flood ppt - Bob Schwarzwalder

Disaster Planning and Preparedness: Defining a Library "Disaster" ppt - James Van Fleet
Session 2441
ELD Committee Meetings
Hawaii Convention Center, 319B
12:00 noon Boxed Lunch Cosponsored by Inspec and ProQuest/CSA.

Session 3441
Scientific Literature and Data: Proliferation, Storage, and Open Access
Hawaii Convnetion Center, 318A

Cecilia Mullen, moderator

The Data Dilema - Amy Stout

Scholarly Communication Issues: Raising Awareness on Many Fronts ppt - James Van Fleet

Federal Technical Reports Preservation Project: GWLA/CRL Task Force Year 1 Report ppt - Alice Trussell

Session Report doc - Jill Powell
2:15-4:00 Session 0541
Workshop 2

Open Source Digital Library Systems: Streetprint & Greenstone

end time 4:30 p.m.
Session 1541
Business & Entrepreneurial Information for Engineers
Hawaii Convention Cetner, 319A

Stephanie Hartman, moderator

Encouraging Use of Entrepreneurship Information Resources: Faculty/Library Collaboration pdf - Christine Drew

Information Skills for Entrepreneuneurial Innovation: Essential competencies ppt - Tom Cassel, Cynthia Cronin-Kardon, Danianne Mizzy
Handout doc

Supporting the Business Information Needs of Engineering Students: An MIT Perspective pdf - Angie Locknar and Stephanie Hartman

Session Report doc - Lee Pedersen
Session 2541
Managing and Mentoring
Hawaii Convention Center, 321B

Kathryn Kennedy, moderator

Panel of new and experienced librarians: Karen Andrews, Mel DeSart, Amy Van Epps, Megan Sapp Nelson, Jill Powell, Bob Schwarzwalder, Kate Thomes, Diana Wheeler, and Amanda Werhane

Session Report doc - Lori Gluckman
Session 3541
Engaging Uses of Course Management Systems, Blogs, Open Source and a Database as Tools for Library Instruction
Hawaii Convention Center, 318A

Susan Boyd and Diana Wheeler, moderators

Being Where Students Work: Integrating Library Research and Instruction into the Course Management System - Jean McKenzie

Using Patents Databases to Teach Information Finding Skills to Engineering Undergraduates ppt - Janet Blume, Sarah Bordac, and Lee Pedersen
Handout doc

Using multiple technologies to promote lifelong learning to engineering students & faculty ppt - Kathryn Kennedy

Next Generation of Tutorials: Finding Technical Information at Purdue ppt - Michael Fosmire, Bruce Harding, Megan Sapp Nelson, and Amy Van Epps

Session Report doc - Kristen Fitzpatrick
4:30-6:00   Session 1693
ASEE Emerging Trends Poster Session
Hawaii Convention Center, Exhibit Hall - Emerging Trends
Session 2641
Making connections: Reaching users through student groups, professional organizations and collections projects
Hawaii Convention Center, 316A

Darcy Duke, moderator

Getting to Know You: How Partnering With Professional Societies Can Enhance Librarians' Profile and Impact ppt - Kristen Fitzpatrick

Mentoring Students Through Engineering Student Group Organizations - Randy Wallace

Connecting with Faculty on Issues that Matter: How Vulnerable are Conference Proceedings? ppt- Tracy Gabridge
Session 3641
Business Meeting: ELD EEC meeting Hawaii Convention Center, 301A
Jay Bhatt, chair

Attendees: ELD Officers and Committee Chairs
6:00-9:00 Session 0705
Society Wide Picnic

Hilton Hawaiian Village

2005 Kalia Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
Session 1941
Welcome Reception
Royal Hawaiian Hotel Luau

Carol Brach, organizer

http://www.royal-hawaiian.com/ de_luau.htm http://www.best-luaus.com/The Royal Hawaiian Luau/

Convention Center --> Luau

Luau sponsored by IEEE.
Session 2741
ELD Annual Banquet
Hau Terrace - Halekulani Hotel

Michael White, organizer

2199 Kalia Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

Banquet sponsored by Engineering Information/Elsevier.
Conference Report - Martin Wallace

Poster Session
Wednesday, June 27th at 8:30 - 10-15 am

SAE Technical Papers: On-line or On-demand? - Larry Thompson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Handout One doc | Handout Two doc | Joint Statement from UK University Subscribers doc | FileOpen Customers | Virgina Tech SAE ILL Instructions

The Hirsch Index of Scholarly Output: New Measure, Ongoing Debate. ppt - Amanda Werhane, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Handout pdf

Low Stock, High Demand: Strategies for Recruitment and Mentorship of New Engineering Librarians. pdf - Aleteia Greenwoood, University of British Columbia and Julie Mitchell, University of Minnesota
Strategies for Recruiting doc | Bibliography/Suggested Reading doc

Satellites, Microsoft, and BASIC, Oh-My! Collection Development in Computer Science and Engineering in Sub-Saharan Africa. ppt - Megan Sapp Nelson, Purdue University

Building Student Assistant Skills: WebCT as a Tool to Enhanced Training for Library Student Assistants. - Brenda Mathenia, University of Nevada - Reno

A New Paradigm for Asessing the Potential of a Digital Resource: The Paid Trial. ppt - Sasha Gurke, Knovel and Lee Pedersen, Brown University
Handout ppt -- Winner of the 2007 ELD Best Poster Award

Thinking Globally: Library Support for International Distance Learning Initiatives. - Lisha Li, Georgia Institute of Technology

CUEBALLS (Completely Unofficial Early-Birds And Leftovers Line-up Squad) Activities

Saturday evening, June 23rd, 6:00 p.m.

Meet in the lobby of the Hilton Hawaiian Village (see Map) for a roughly one mile stroll to the Brew Moon Restaurant and Microbrewery.
Brew Moon is located inside Ward Centre shopping center, on the third level. For anyone who can't make it to the lobby of the HHV by 6:00, just catch up with us at Brew Moon later. It's just a mile down Ala Moana from the HHV.

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