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ASEE/ELD Annual Conference Program Pittsburgh, PA 2008
June 22-25, 2008

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  Sunday/22nd Monday/23rd Tuesday/24th Wednesday/25th
7:00-8:15     Session 2141
ELD Committee Meetings
Conference Center, Room 315
8:30-10:15 Session 0241
Workshop 1

Patents at Mach 2: Technology on the Cutting Edge
University of Pittsburgh, School Of Engineering

Charlotte Erdmann, moderator

start time 9:00 a.m.
Session 1205
Main Plenary
Pittsburgh Convention Center Ballroom A, B & C
Session 2241
Educating the Whole Engineer - Building Life Skills
Conference Center, Room 325

Edward Eckel, moderator

HOTS for Independent Research and Research ppt - Amy Kindschi, Patrick Eagan and Paul Ross
Handout pdf

Global Projects Preparation: Infusing Information Literacy into Project-Based Curricula ppt - Christine Drew and Richard Vaz

Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning: Practices and Assessment - Ashok Naimpally and Hema Ramachandran

It Takes the Whole University to Instruct the Whole Engineer: Narratives of Collaboration - Beth Bateman Newborg and Kate Thomes
Session 3241
ELD Poster Session
Conference Center, Exhibit Hall
10:30-12:00 Session 0241
Workshop 1 cont.

Patents at Mach 2: Technology on the Cutting Edge
University of Pittsburgh, School Of Engineering

Charlotte Erdmann, moderator

end time 12:00 noon
Session 1341
Special Interest Group: Get Acquainted Session
Westin, Allegheny Ballroom II

Patricia Kirkwood, moderator

Get Acquainted Handout pdf

Breakout Sessions/Discussions: Reference in the New Age doc - Bruce Neville
Mini Plenary: Distinguished Lectures

Session 2305
The X-48B - Robert Liebeck
The Future(s) of Energetics - Dennis Bushnell
Pittsburgh Convention Center 407

Session 2390
Accessible Design Itís the Law; Universal Design: Itís the Market - Dr. Robert Erlandson
The Other Side of Engineering Education: A Historian Examines the Changing Non-Technical Elements - Bruce Seeley
Pittsburgh Convention Center 408

Session 2391
What Would It Take To Expand The Pipeline of Minority Students Coming Into Engineering? - Lauren B. Resnick
Pittsburgh Convention Center 406


Open Period or Committee Meetings
Mini Plenary: ELD Sponsored Distinguished Lecture

Session 3391
Are Engineering Students Typical Millennials? ppt - Richard T. Sweeney
Pittsburgh Convention Center 408

Session Report doc - Carolyn Schubert
12:30-2:00   Session 1441
New Tools and Techniques for Information Literacy
Conference Center, Room 308

Patricia Watkins, moderator

Using Videos to Teach the Ethical Use of Engineering Information - William Baer

Smart Searching: An Online Information Fluency Tutorail Tailored Specifically to Introductory Engineering Students ppt - Eric Resnis

Exploring, Reading and Writing Scientific Literature in English: A Non-Native English Speakers Perspective ppt - Adriana Popescu

Flexible Information Literacy Strategies for Engineering Design in EPICS: Hitting a Moving Target and Assessing Our Aim ppt - Lisa Dunn
Session 2441
ELD Annual Business Meeting
Westin Hotel - Allegheny Ballroom III

Jay Bhatt, chair
All ELD members invited.

Minutes pdf - John Teleha
Session 3441
One Step Beyond: Taking Collaboration to the Next Level
Conference Center, Room 318

Amanda Werhane, moderator

Internships as Part of the Education of Engineering/Science Librarians ppt - Megan Tomeo

Collaborative Learning Space and New Roles for Librarian and Staff: Reinventing the Library and Forming New Partnerships When Engineers Are Not the Only Users pptx - Mary Strife

VIVO: Promoting Research and Collaboration ppt - Jill Powell, Jon Corson-Rikert, Kirsten Hensley, Medha Devare, Brian Caruso, Brian Lowe and Nick Cappadona

Alternative Uses of Course Mana gement Software ppt - Tom Volkening

Session Report doc - Bruce Neville
2:15-4:00 Session 0541
Workshop 2

What Every Librarian Should Know about Assessment Planning
Conference Center, Room 322

Danianne Mizzy, moderator

start time 2:00 p.m.
Session 1541
Engineering Librarian's Basics Boot Camp
Conference Center, Room 407

Donna Beck and Lori Gluckman, moderators

Finding ASME Technical Papers ppt - Scott Curtis

The Essential Business Information for Engineering Librarians pptx - Megan Sapp Nelson

Cultivating Grey Literature - The Care & Feeding of Technical Reports - Deborah Kegel

Your Students are Pod People, but That's Alright pptx - John Napp
Bibliography docx

Where History and Engineering Intersect: Researching the Older Engineering Literature pdf - Linda Musser

Session Report doc - Linette Koren
Session 2541
Engineering Resources Off-the-Beaten-Path
Conference Center, Room 407

Lisha Li, moderator

Engineering Conference Proceedings at Risk: Results of a Two-Year Study - Tracy Gabridge

Teaching Patent Applications and Issued Patents: Specialized Databases of the United States Patent and Trademark Office - Charlotte Erdmann

Engineering Subject Areas Vary in Coverage by Google Scholar ppt - John Meier
see also: Google Scholar's Coverage of the Engineering Literature: An Empirical Study, The Journal of Academic Librarianship Volume 34, Issue 3, May 2008, Pages 196-201

Session Report doc - Natalie Waters
Session 3541
Professional Issues Forum
Conference Center, Room 318

Alice Trussell, moderator

This session will be a discussion of current hot topics within engineering librarianship and will not have any formal presentations.

Publish to Present docx - Amy Van Epps

Session Report docx - Eric Resnis
Session Report doc - John Teleha
4:30-6:00 Session 0541
Workshop 2 cont.

What Every Librarian Should Know about Assessment Planning
Conference Center, Room 322

Danianne Mizzy, moderator

end time 5:00 p.m.
Session 1600
ASEE Emerging Trends Poster Session
Pittsburgh Convention Center Exhibit Hall B


Committee Meetings
Session 2641
BioMed Informatics and Engineering Library
Conference Center, Room 318

Lee Pedersen, moderator

Guest Speaker: Mary Lou Klem, Reference Librarian, Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh
Informatics: A Primer ppt

Biomedical Informatics in Engineering: A New Frontier for Engineering Librarians ppt
Sheila Young and Olivia Sparks

Bioinformatics and the Engineering Library ppt - Amy Stout
Session 3641
Business Meeting: ELD EEC meeting
Conference Center, Room 401

Amy Van Epps, chair

Attendees: ELD Officers and Committee Chairs
6:00-9:00 Session 0705
Society Wide Picnic
Pittsburgh Convention Center Rooftop Terrace
Session 1741
Welcome Reception
University of Pittsburgh, Bevier Engineering Library

Michael White, organizer
Session 2741
ELD Annual Banquet
Heinz History Center

Linda Whang, organizer

Poster Session
Wednesday, June 25th at 8:30 - 10-15 am

From Capstone to Gemstone to Keystone: And Now Marquee Courses? pdf - Nevenka Zdravkovska, Jim Miller, Robert Kackley, and Damon Austin

Thelma and Louise Do Engineering and Hope for a Better Ending - Hema Ramachandran and Caroline Smith

Use of E-Books in the Engineering Classroom pdf - Sasha Gurke

ASTM International's Standards and Digital Library Access for ASEE Librarians pdf - Ileane Smith

SAE and Digital Rights (Mis)management or How to Marginalize Your Product, Alienate Your Customers, and Jeopardize Your Future (in Three Easy Steps) doc - Larry Thompson -- Winner of the 2008 ELD Best Poster Award

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