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Sunday, June 20

Monday, June 21

Tuesday, June 22

Wednesday, June 23

7:00 - 8:15
(2141) Standards for Future Engineering Practitioners (ELD/NEE Co-sponsored Session)
102, Kentucky International Convention Center
Session and continental breakfast sponsored by INSPEC/IET

Moderator: David Hubbard

Standards for New Educators: Guide to ABET Outcomes and Standards Availability in Libraries-[.pptx]
Charlotte Erdmann;

What Do Employers Want in Terms of Employee Knowledge of Technical Standards and the Process of Standardization?
- Bruce Harding and Paul McPherson;

Leveraging the Internet and Limited On-Campus Resources to Teach Information Literacy Skills to Future Engineering Practitioners
  - [.ppt]- Charlotte Erdmann and Bruce Harding
  Main Plenary I

(2241) Outreach and Beyond: New Roles/Relationships for Librarians
102, Kentucky International Convention Center
Session and continental breakfast sponsored by Knovel

Moderator: Tracy Primich

Academic Librarians' Roles in Attracting & Recruiting Students to Their University - Nevenka Zdravkovska, Jim Miller, and Bob Kackley;

Summer Engineering Experience for Girls (SEE): An Evolving Hands-On Role for the Engineering Librarian
- Donna Beck, G. Berard, Bo Baker, and Nancy George;

Creating an Outreach Event with e-Resource Providers
-  Pauline Melgoza
(3241) Technical Papers
L4, Kentucky International Convention Center
Session sponsored by Begell House

: Bruce Neville

Using LibGuides as a Web 2.0 Content Management System and a Collaboration Tool for Engineering Librarians - Richard Bernier;

Open Access Availability of Publications of Faculty in Three Engineering Disciplines - Virginia (Ginny) Baldwin;

Managing a Digitization Project: Issues for State Agency Publications with Folded Maps - Karen Andrews and Carol La Russa;

Citation Analysis of Engineering Design Reports for Information Literacy Assessment - Dana Denick, Jay Bhatt, and Bradley Layton
Focus on Exhibits Brunch & NSF Poster Session 

Distinguished Lectures
Distinguished Lectures
(1441) ELD SIG Get Acquainted Session
Lightning Talks
Salon V, Marriott Ballroom, Louisville Marriott Downtown
Session and lunch sponsored by IOPP

Session will begin at 12 noon.

Moderator: Amy Buhler

MyiLibrary: Patron-driven e-book purchasing
- Jill Powell;

LibGuide Pages for Senior Capstone Design Classes - Tom Volkening;

Extensive Material Deselection in an Engineering Library - Virginia (Ginny) Baldwin;

Tutorials Made Easy with Screencasting
-  Olivia Bautista Sparks, Sheila J. Young, and Linda S. Shackle;

Standards/specifications education for engineering students
- Kevin Drees;

Discovery & Classic Catalogs: Enhancing or Confusing?
- Jill Dixon;

Reaching Engineering Students in Instruction Classes: Powerpoint can be your friend!
- Nancy Linden;

Following the TRAIL: an update on the Technical Reports Archive & Image Library
- Maliaca Oxnam;

Twitter for Engineering Libraries - Worth the effort?
- Christine Drew;

Using SCVNGR™ in an academic library - Linette Koren;

Creating a Desired Future State: Reorganizing the MIT Libraries - Angie Locknar;

"See Spot. See Spot Run!": GVSU Library's Automated Retrieval System turns 10
- Debbie Morrow;

Librarian mentoring and advising on Engineering Students online magazine - 12th year - Najwa Hanel
(2441) ELD Annual Business
Salon E, Kentucky Ballroom, Louisville Marriott Downtown
Business meeting and lunch sponsored by Morgan and Claypool

John Teleha, chair

Attendees: All ELD members invited.

Note: Session will begin at 12 noon.
(3441) Managing the Faculty/Librarian Liaison Relationship -
L4, Kentucky International Convention Center
Session sponsored by INSPEC/IET

Moderator: Najwa Hanel, University of Southern California

James Bradley Clarke, Miami University; Megan Sapp Nelson, Purdue University; Karen Vagts, Tufts University; Najwa Hanel, USC Libraries

(1541) New Collaborations
L8, Kentucky International Convention Center
Session sponsored by Knovel

Moderator: Jon Jeffryes

Journey to the Center of A CV: Our Library’s Role in Developing an Institutional Bibliography
- Anne Rauh and Jody Hoesly;

Engineering Librarian Participation in Technology Curricular Redesign: Lifelong Learning, Information Literacy, and ABET Criterion 3 - Megan Sapp Nelson and Michael Fosmire;

Librarian Learns with the Students: Chemical Engineering Students Help Design and Shape Delivery of Instructional Information for Their Discipline - Mary Strife
(2541) Space Planning and Changing Library Landscapes
102, Kentucky International Convention Center
Session sponsored by ProQuest

Moderator: David Schmitt, University of California, San Diego

Sarah Lester, Stanford University- Stanford Engineering Library —Envisioning an Evolving Facility;

Jill Powell, Cornell University-Spaces, Relocation and Subject Synergies When a Subject Library Closes;

Mary Strife, West Virginia University- Student users get their say: Library space redesign with students in mind.

(3541) Professional Issues Forum
L4, Kentucky International Convention Center
Session sponsored by ProQuest

Moderator: Mel DeSart
(1641) Challenges, Vision, and the Role of Academic Libraries in Building Institutional Repositories
L8, Kentucky International Convention Center
Session sponsored by Begell House

Scott Warren, Bibliographer for Science & Engineering, Syracuse University Library

Jay Bhatt, Librarian for Engineering, Drexel University; Mel DeSart, Head, Engineering Library, University of Washington; Maliaca Oxnam, Associate Librarian, Science-Engineering Library, University of Arizona; Peter Zuber, Engineering Librarian, Brigham Young University
(2641) Focus on Exhibits Happy Hour/Divison Poster Sessions
Exhibit Hall 2C & 2D, Kentucky International Convention Center

Moderator: Jane Stephens

Seeking and Finding the Aerospace Literature from 1996-2010: And, the Winner Is . . . Google -[.pdf] Larry Thompson;

The Engineering Index: The Past and the Present [.pdf] (large file: best to right click and "Save Link As")- Nestor Osorio;

AVS: Science and Technology Virtual Museum - Susan Burkett, Cameron Patterson, and Nicholas A. Kraft;

An Analysis of ASEE-ELD Conference Proceedings: 2000-2009 - David Hubbard;(2010 Best Poster Award winner)

New Knovel Interface - [.pdf] Sasha Gurke
(3641) ELD Extended Executive Committee Meeting
219, Kentucky International Convention Center

Bob Heyer-Gray and Michael White

Attendees: ELD Officers and Committee Chairs
ASEE Society Wide Picnic, Slugger Field (1741) ELD Welcome Reception at RiRa
Welcome Reception sponsored by IEEE

Organizer: Nancy Linden
(2741) ELD Annual Banquet
at Glassworks
Banquet sponsored Engineering Information/Elsevier

: Adriana Popescu

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