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ELD 2011 Vancouver Program

Sunday, June 26

Monday, June 27

Tuesday, June 28

Wednesday, June 29

7:00 - 8:30 (M130) Evolving Engineering Libraries: Services, Spaces and Collections
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, 122)

Moderator: David E. Hubbard (Texas A&M)

Sponsor: IOPP

1. Connecting with data: First steps toward an emerging area of library service - Megan R Sapp Nelson (Purdue University)

2. Dark, Dim and Daring - Jody T Hoesly with Anne C Glorioso (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

3. A Library Instead of a Lab: Forging a space partnership in a new building - Jeff McAdams (University of Texas, San Antonio)

4. Informing Collection Development through Citation Examination of the Civil Engineering Research Literature [pdf] - [.ppt] Scott A. Curtis (University of Missouri - Kansas City)

5. Gaining Intellectual Control Over Technical Reports and Grey Literature Collections - Adriana Popescu (Princeton University)

(T130) Information Literacy Programs for First Year Engineering Students
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, East Building, 2)

Moderator: Tara Mawhinney (McGill University)

Sponsor: Inspec/IET and ProQuest

1. Lifelong learning and information literacy skills and the first year engineering undergraduate: Report of a self-assessment - Meagan C Ross with Michael Fosmire, Ruth Wertz, Monica E Cardella, and Senay Purzer (Purdue University, West Lafayette)

2. The Research Studio: Integrating Information Literacy Into a First Year Engineering Science Course - Christa Michelle Baratta with Alan Chong and Jason A. Foster (University of Toronto)

3. Embedded Assessment of Library Learning Outcomes in a Freshman Engineering Course - Larry Schmidt with Melissa Bowles-Terry (University of Wyoming)
Vendor Breakfast

(Vancouver International Conference Centre, East Building, 10)

Begell House

8:45-10:15   (M204A) Main Plenary I
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, West Ballroom CD)

No ELD session (W230) Information Literacy: Preparing Students for the Real World
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, East Building, 10)

Moderator: Jeff McAdams (University of Texas, San Antonio)

Sponsor: Begell House

1. Welcome to the Real World: Showing the Value of Information Literacy Beyond the Classroom - John B. Napp (The University of Toledo)

2. What information sources do engineering students use to address authentic sociotechnical problems? - Eugene Barsky with Annette Y Berndt, Aleteia Greenwood, and Carla S Paterson (University of British Columbia)

3. Gauging Workplace Readiness: Information Behavior and Preparedness of Engineering Students in Cooperative Education Programs - Jon N. Jeffryes (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)

4. It's a wrap: a real-life engineering case study as the focus of an online library tutorial - Patricia D Hulse with Dahlia Dantang Han, Emil Igor Melnichenko, and Susan Brookes (University of Auckland)
10:30-12:00   Focus on the Exhibits Brunch & NSF Poster Session
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, Exhibit Hall C)
Distinguished Lectures
Distinguished Lectures
12:30-2:00 (M430) Complete Set of all ELD Lightning Talks [.pptx] and Handout
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, East Building, 8)

Moderator: Anne Rauh, (University of Wisconsin)

Sponsors: Knovel, Morgan & Claypool and PPI

1. Health, Engineering, & Business Reference Cross-Training - Paul Grochowski (Univ of Michigan)

2. The Library and LIME (the Laboratory for Innovative Media Explorations) - Caroline Smith (Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas)

3. To Keep or Not to Keep: What to do with the print Engineering Index - Tom Volkening (Michigan State)

4. Open mining reclamation information to the world - Eugene Barsky (UBC)

5. Participating in Engineering Extracurricular Activities as a Librarian - Julia Gelfand (UC Irvine)

6. Graduate Student Information Literacy - Jay Bhatt and Peggy Dominy (Drexel Univ) and John Pell (Temple Univ)

7. Creating a workshop on Ethical Writing for Graduate Students - Amy Van Epps (Purdue Univ)

8. Embedded in an Office - David E. Hubbard (Texas A&M)

9. From Design Projects to Career Design: A Collaboration - Karen A. Vagts (Tufts)

10. Making 1-2 Minute Library "How-To" videos - [videos] Karen Andrews (UC Davis)

11. The Un-library Library Course - Tracy Primich (Vanderbilt)

12. ELNs or Electronic Laboratory Notebooks - Daureen Nesdill (Univ Utah)

13. Addressing ABET Program Outcome 'i': A First-Year Engineering Program and Library Instruction Initiative Collaboration - Debbie Morrow (Grand Valley State)

14. Internationalization - Najwa Hanel (Univ Southern California)

15. A Thumbnail Comparison of the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education and the Information Literacy Standards for Science and Engineering/Technology - Martin Wallace (Univ of Maine)

16. Digital Rare Map Room - Bob Schwarzwalder (Stanford)
(T430) ELD Annual Business Meeting
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, East Building, 8)

Moderator: Bob Heyer-Gray (UC Davis)

Sponsor: Knovel, Morgan & Claypool and PPI

(W630) ELD Extended Executive Committee Business Meeting
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, 217)

Moderator(s): Michael White (Queen's University) and Doug McGee (University of Pennsylvania)
(M530) Panel: NSF Funding and New Data Initiatives: Library Repositories on the Leading Edge
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, 216)

Sarah Lester (Stanford University)

Panelists: Dr. Robert Schwarzwalder, Associate University Librarian for the Science and Engineering Libraries (Stanford University); presentation

Amy Stout, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Librarian, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); presentation

William Mischo, Head, Grainger Engineering Library Information Center and Professor of Library Administration, (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign);

Mary C. Schlembach, Physics, Astronomy, and Engineering Librarian and Associate Professor of Library Administration, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign):

Mischo/Schlembach presentation
(T530) Information Literacy: Theory and Practice
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, East Building, 13)

Moderator: Bruce Neville (Texas A&M)

1. Gaming Against Plagiarism: A Partnership between the Library and Faculty - Amy G. Buhler with Michelle Leonard, Margeaux Johnson and Benjamin DeVane (University of Florida)

2. Finding Your Way around the Engineering Literature: Developing an Online Tutorial Series for Engineering Students - Janet Fransen (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)

3. Collaborative Information Behaviour of Engineering Students in a Senior Design Group Project: a Pilot Study - Nasser Saleh (Queen's University)

4. Keeping the Conversation Alive: Maintaining Students' Research Skills Throughout Their College Careers - Jay J. Bhatt with Larry Milliken, Lloyd Ackert, and Eleanor J. Goldberg (Drexel University)

5. Assessment of Engineering Technology Education using a Learning Paradigm Approach - Mysore Narayanan (Miami University)
(No presentation given)
No ELD session
4:00-5:30 (M630) To Boldly Go... Librarians Explore New Connections with Students and Faculty
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, 202)

Moderator: Tracy L. Primich (Vanderbilt University)

1. Let’s Get Students More Involved! - Qing Li (IEEE)

2. Civil engineering in a time of change: the response of the Institution of Civil Engineers Library - Michael Mark Chrimes (The Institution of Civil Engineers)

3. The Value of Direct Engagement in a Classroom and a Faculty: The Liaison Librarian Model to Integrate Information Literacy - S. Norma Godavari (University of Manitoba)

4. Science and Engineering Library - Accessible to Inner-City Communities Through Science 101 - Eugene Barsky with Aleteia Greenwood (University of British Columbia)
(T630) ELD Poster Session / Focus on Exhibits Happy Hour
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, Exhibition Hall C)
(Runs until 6:00 pm)

Karen Vagts (Tufts University)

1. The Hybrid Reference Desk: Changing Strategies for Changing Times - Larry A. Thompson (Virginia Tech)

2. The Visualization of Database Search Results and [.doc]- James A. Van Fleet (Bucknell University)
4:00-5:30   (M645) Town Hall Meeting: Open Forum on Fostering Interdivisional Exchange and Cooperation

Sponsors: Liberal Education, Entrepreneurship & Engineering Innovation, Materials, Student Constituent Committee, Engineering Ethics, Information Systems, Electrical and Computer, Mechanics, Educational Research and Methods, Systems Engineering, and Engineering Libraries (co-sponored with the Liberal Education Division)
(Vancouver International Conference Centre, 203)
(U704) ASEE Society Wide Picnic

Location: Vancouver International Convention Centre, West Ballroom, CD

(M730) ELD Welcome Reception & After-Party

Location: Reception (6:30-8:30): Steamworks Brewing Co., 375 Water Street, Vancouver

After-Party (8:30-10:30): Lamplighter Public House, 92 Water Street, Vancouver

Organizer: Adriana Popescu (Princeton University)

Sponsor: IEEE
(T730) ELD Annual Banquet

Location: Magic Yachts Dinner Cruise, 1601 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver

The Magic Charm will be picking us up at the Harbour Green Park boat dock: boarding will be at 6pm with sailing to begin at 6:30pm.

Organizer: Amy Buhler (University of Florida)

Sponsor: Elsevier


(after ASEE Picnic)
ELD Dessert Reception

Location: Pan Pacific Vancouver, 300-999 Canada Place, Oceanview Suites 3 & 4


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