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San Antonio 2012


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Sunday, June 10

Monday, June 11

Tuesday, June 12

Wednesday, June 13

7:00- 8:30 am


8:45-10:15 am

(M204) ASEE Main
Plenary I:
"Keeping it Real - Preparing Students for Industrial Practice"

Location: SACC, Ballroom C
(T233 )ELD Annual Business Meeting

Location: Grand Hyatt, Lone Star B

Moderator: Michael White

Sponsor: INSPEC/IET and Morgan & Claypool

(breakfast provided)
(W233) Mobile Strategies for Engineering Libraries - Panel Presentation

Mobile Devices and Libraries: Here to Stay!, C. Brach;
"Blending in-person and online library services by utilizing mobile technology", J. Casden;

SACC, Room 214A

Moderator: Susan Boyd
Sponsors: ProQuest, Sage and ICE

(breakfast provided)

10:30 am-12:00 pm

(M306C) Focus on Exhibits Brunch

Location: SACC, Exhibit Hall C
Unconference Panel Discussion: Value, Impact and
Performance:We Know We Are VIPs
But How To Measure
and Demonstrate it?

Moderator: Mel DeSart

Session Notes


(T304B) Main Plenary II:
Corporate Member Council Industry Speaker
& Best Paper Recognition

SACC, Ballroom C

(W313, W324, W326, W361, W363)
ASEE Distinguished Lecture Series
(5 concurrent)

SACC Rooms 214D, 217A, 217B, 217C, 217D

12:30-2:00 pm

(M433) ELD Lightning Talks

Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Lone Star A.
Moderator: Anne Rauh

Abstracts &
All presentations

Sponsors: IOPP and SAE

(Lunch buffet provided)
(T433) ASEE Poster Session/Focus on Exhibits
(no ELD posters)

Location: SACC Exhibit Hall C
(W433) Empowering the User Learning Experience - Evolution in Library Design

Grand Hyatt, Lone Star A

Moderator: Ted Baldwin

Transforming a Library into a Bookless Branch and Increasing Discoverability of the Virtual Library, J. H. Powell;
Tapping the User Experience to Design a Better Library for Engineering and Textile Students and Faculty, H.N. Eskridge and K. Duckett.

Sponsor: PPI

2:15-3:45 pm

(M533) Orienting Students for Lifelong Learning Success

SACC, Rm. 202A

Moderator: Karen Vagts

One or Many? Assessing Different Delivery Timing for Information Resources Relevant to Assignments during the Semester: A Work in Progress, A. Van Epps and M.S. Nelson;

Integrating Information Literacy in Engineering: Librarians/Faculty [pdf], [.ppt1], [.ppt2], M.L. Strife with R.A.M. Hensel and M.G. Armour-Gemmen;

"Gamifying" a Library Orientation Tutorial for Improved Motivation and Learning, M. Spence, J.A. Foster, R. Irish, P.K. Sheridan, G.S. Frost.

Sponsor: Begell House

  (W533) ELD Extended Executive Business Committee Meeting

SACC, Room 006C

Doug McGee and Adriana Popescu

3:45-4:15 pm

(M506) ASEE Ice Cream Social

SACC, Exhibit Hall C

4:00-5:30 pm

(U604) ASEE Division Mixer- free to all.
(replaces the Picnic)

Location: San Antonio Convention Center (SACC), Ballroom C.

(4:30-6:00 pm)

(M633) Considerations for the Collection Conscious Librarian

SACC, Rm. 202A

Moderator: Pauline Melgoza

Weeding the Collection: An Analysis of Motivations [.ppt] or [pdf], P. Zuber;
Meeting the Textbook Needs of Engineering Students, or [.pdf],T.M. Calcagno, J. Bowdoin; Faculty Publication Checklists: A Quantative Method to Compare Traditional Databases to Web Search Engines, P. Kirkwood.

Sponsor: Begell House

(4:30-6:00 pm)
(T633) Information Literacy in Context -
Enabling Real World Problem Solving

SACC, Room 204B

Moderator: Angela Locknar

Educating the Global Engineer- It Takes a Village!, A. Popescu;
Patent Classification Reform: Implications for Teaching, Learning and Using the Patent Literature, M.J. White;
Knowledge-Enabled Engineering Design: Toward an Integrated Model, M. Fosmire and D.F. Radcliffe.

6:00-7:30 pm

(U706B) ASEE Focus on Exhibits Welcome Reception

Location: SACC, Exhibit Hall C.

6:30-9:00 pm

(M733) ELD Welcome Reception

Location: Zuni Grill, 223 Losoya Street, On the San Antonio Riverwalk

Amy Buhler


(T733) ELD Annual Banquet

Location:Iron Cactus, 200 River Walk,
Suite 100

Organizer: Anne Rauh

Sponsor: Elsevier

(begins at 6:00pm)

9:00-10:00 pm

ELD Dessert Reception

Location: Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Republic C.


ELD Welcome Reception After - Party

Location: Rio Rio Cantina, Estrella Room & Terrace, 421 E. Commerce St.

Sponsor: IEEE



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