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ELD awards Travel Stipends sponsored by Morgan & Claypool Publishers. These stipends are for travel to the ASEE Annual Conference, and are awarded in two phases.

The first phase takes place during the ELD Business Meeting at the annual conference. Two names are drawn from a list of ELD members who expect to attend the conference the following year. The two members selected in the drawing each receive $250 to help defray expenses. The awards, sponsored by Morgan & Claypool Publishers, are sent to each recipient after confirmation of the recipient's registration for the next year's conference. The award winners are given a deadline by which they must submit evidence of registration. If a recipient does not attend the conference, or does not meet the deadline for submitting evidence of registration, the funds are given to a runner up, also selected at the conference. If a recipient registers for the conference, and is awarded the stipend, but does not attend, the recipient agrees to reimburse ELD the $250.

The second phase of awards begins in December, when applications are taken for the need based travel stipends. Two awards of $500 each are sponsored by Morgan & Claypool Publishers. The funding is given to those librarians with the greatest need, and applicants are asked to document their expected level of funding from their institutions. One of the $500 awards are made to an early career librarian, while the second $500 award is open to all librarians with a funding need. Before receiving the awards, the recipient must send confirmation of his/her registration for the conference. If the recipient does not send confirmation, the award is given to an alternate recipient. If a winner registers for the conference, and is awarded the stipend, but does not attend, the recipient agrees to reimburse ELD for the award amount.

ELD thanks Morgan & Claypool Publishers for their travel stipend sponsorships.

Travel Stipend Winners

2016- New Orleans

Linette Koren $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
Margaret Phillips $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
John Napp $500 Morgan & Claypool
Scott Curtis $500 Morgan & Claypool

2015- Seattle

Beth Brin $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
Annie Rauh $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
Sylvia George-Williams $500 Morgan & Claypool
John Teleha $500 Morgan & Claypool

2014- Indianapolis

Julie Cook $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
Najwa Hanel $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
Christie Wiley $500 Morgan & Claypool
Paula Johnson $500 Morgan & Claypool
Florence Mugambi $1,000 Momentum Press

2013- Atlanta

Kari Kozak $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
Robyn Rosenberg $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
Lee Cummings $500 Morgan & Claypool
Robin Dasler $500 Morgan & Claypool
Brianna Buljung $1,000 Momentum Press



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