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ASEE ELD Duplicates Exchange

The Engineering Libraries Division of the American Society for Engineering Education hosts a Duplicates Exchange on the Internet. It is not a listserv; lists are sent to the coordinator and are distributed to the current members of the exchange.

Members of ELDNET-L or ELD-L who would like to get the lists or submit their own lists should send their lists and/or e-mail addresses to the coordinator. Lists should be sent as e-mail messages and include a statement that tells users how to obtain issues and whether postage will need to be reimbursed.

Since the lists go out to engineering librarians, they should contain titles of interest to this population.

Currently, there are 82 North American librarians posting and receiving lists. Approximately one to two lists are distributed per week. All lists posted to the ASEE/ELD Duplicates Exchange are also posted on BACKSERV (the BACK Issues and Duplicate Exchange SERVice hosted by Swets Blackwell). Thus, the approximately 800 members of that listserv also see our lists. The BACKSERV Archives are also available online (The current archive is only available to the list members.).

In addition, selected lists from BACKSERV are sent to ASEE/ELD Duplicates Exchange members. These are chosen for distribution by the coordinator when the content appears to be largely of interest to the members of the Duplicates Exchange.

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