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2014 Election Results

On behalf of the Nominations Committee, it is my pleasure to announce the results of the 2014 ELD Election.  As decided by our membership, our next Secretary-Treasurer will be Craig Beard from the University of Alabama-Birmingham.  Our next first year Director will be Jan Fransen from the University of Minnesota.  Craig and Jan will be taking on their new responsibilities at the 2014 ASEE Annual Conference in Indianapolis.

I would also like to take this opportunity to again thank all of our candidates for volunteering to serve ELD.  Without colleagues like these willing to step up and run for these positions, ELD simply could not function.


Doug McGee
2014 Chair, Nominations Committee


Candidate Statements

ELD Members are casting their votes to elect a new officer in each of two positions: Secretary-Treasurer and Director.

This year the candidates are: for Secretary - Treasurer: Craig Beard, Scott Curtis, Ibironke Lawal; for Director: Judy Brink, Jan Fransen. Below is a short bio and statement from each candidate. Read the description and responsibilities of each position open for election.

Candidates for Secretary-Treasurer

Craig Beard

Craig Beard, University of Alabama at Birmingham

I've been in the Reference Department at UAB's Mervyn H. Sterne Library since December 1990, and was appointed to serve as the Reference Librarian for the School of Engineering in 1994.  In that capacity I deal with collection development, student research assistance, faculty and staff consultation, and library instruction for five departments (Biomedical Engineering; Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering; Electrical & Computer Engineering; Materials Science & Engineering; and Mechanical Engineering).

Prior to coming to UAB, I was the Reference Librarian at Harding University from 1982 to 1990.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts  from Harding University and a Master of Library Science from the School of Library and Information Studies at Florida State University.

I was introduced to ASEE and ELD by former member Susan Herring (at that time, Engineering Librarian at University of Alabama in Huntsville), and I joined in 2001.  I've served on the Publications Committee (including as chair) since 2001, the Extended Executive Committee since 2004, the Awards Committee since 2005, the Program Planning Committee since 2008, and a few ad hoc committees along the way. I've also served as co-moderator of the ELD listservs since 2003. The community of engineering librarian colleagues I've been exposed to and helped by through membership in ELD has been invaluable to me. Though I've been privileged to contribute to that community somewhat behind-the-scenes, I think it's time to take that to the next level. For that reason, I am running for Secretary-Treasurer of the division.

Scott Curtis

Scott Curtis, University of Missouri - Kansas City

Hello Everyone! My name is Scott Curtis, and I have been an active member of ASEE/ELD since 2005, when I attended my first conference in Portland. No other professional association has helped me broaden my networks, knowledge, and professionalism as an engineering librarian in the way that ELD has over the past 8 years. From my very first session at my first conference, I have had excellent experiences with my colleagues in this organization.  I have served on the ELD Membership Committee since 2007, I served on the 2007-2008 Conference Planning Committee, and I have been active on the Publications Committee since 2010, especially in reviewing papers for the annual conference. In addition to my committee work, I have presented papers at a few of the conferences.

I am the Research and Liaison Librarian for Science and Engineering at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Prior to joining UMKC in July 2010, I worked in Reference Services at the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering, and Technology for five years. After having served for a number of years in the local SLA chapter, including as an officer, I’ve recently switched and joined the ALA/ACRL Science and Technology Section. I’ve been a regular reviewer for ALA’s CHOICE Reviews, with 15 reviews published in the past three years. My outside interests include Scouting with my sons, bird watching, woodcarving, books and book discussions, and playing musical instruments (with marked and occasionally comic ineptitude).

If elected Secretary/Treasurer of ELD, I will ensure that we continue to have strong conference program tracks, with sessions covering valuable research and service developments and ample opportunities to network with fellow librarians. I will build our relationships with other ASEE divisions to find ways to collaborate on conference programs and speaker sponsorships. Most importantly, I will work to implement your innovative and creative ideas in order to keep ELD vital and responsive to all members.

Ronke Lawal

Ibironke (Ronke) Lawal, Virginia Commonwealth University

My name is Ibironke (Ronke) Lawal. I am Science & Engineering Collections Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Richmond, Virginia. My job at VCU is primarily developing and maintaining collections for all sciences and engineering.  I have also held several special positions like chair of the LibQUAL Task Force, coordinating our library assessments, and chair of the Diversity Task Force, which wrote the VCU Libraries Diversity Plan. Prior to coming to VCU, I was Coordinator of Branch Science Libraries at University of Virginia and Physical Sciences Reference Librarian at Dartmouth College, respectively. I attend conferences on a regular basis because I value the unique opportunities, such gatherings afford me. The interactions with colleagues and contemporaries from all over the world, networking, and getting acquainted are priceless.  American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)/Engineering Libraries Division (ELD) Annual Conference and Expo is my priority every year.

I became a member of ELD in 2001. Since that time, I have only missed the conference twice. I do what I can to make the conference a success. I have moderated sessions, presented papers, coordinated special projects as well as collaborate with others as necessary. My most recent task was to coordinate the interviewing of National Science Foundation grant awardees at the 2012 annual conference. The report from this exercise was shared with directors of ASERL institutions who were still at the initial stages of their data management programs.

Recently, I was appointed a member of two important ELD groups, the Development Committee and the Social Networking Task Force. I always look forward to ELD gathering every year. For me, ELD is family and it feels like home away from home. If I am elected, I will continue to do all in my power to keep the traditions of our meetings and seek ways to elevate our division in the society.

Candidates for Director

Judy Brink

Judy Brink, University of Pittsburgh

I have been Head of the Engineering Library at the University of Pittsburgh since December 2008. Previously, my career was focused on collection development and liaison outreach in the social sciences (at Carnegie Mellon, the University of Michigan Business School, Harvard Business School, and the University of New Hampshire). I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Ohio University, and a MLS, an advanced certificate in Library Science, and a Master’s in Public Administration all from the University of Pittsburgh.

There hasn’t been a dull moment since I began my current position in 2008: the academic building which houses the Engineering Library has been undergoing a floor-by-floor renovation since 2007 (and will not finish until 2016), and the library was in the first phase. We moved into a new space in October 2009, and in addition to Engineering, the library also maintains the collections for the departments in Math, Physics and Astronomy, Geology & Planetary Sciences, and Statistics. Also, as part of an ongoing strategic plan for the University Library System, the main reference desk was closed in 2012 and all public service librarians took on the new job title and the work of liaison librarians.  This shift to a focus on outreach increased my job responsibilities, and although I am in a departmental library, I currently chair the Liaison Librarian Committee.

I have been attending the annual ASEE Meetings since 2009 (Austin, TX), and have been a member of the ASEE/ELD Awards Committee since 2010. This is a wonderful committee to serve on, not only because it is chaired by the kind and extremely well-organized Alice Trussell, but also because it requires that I take the time to read current articles written by engineering librarians, many of which focus on how to remain relevant in a world of shifting demands and priorities. I receive many benefits from my membership in ELD, but first and foremost is the support of colleagues who have jobs similar to mine.  By casting my name into the hat for the position of Director, I hope that I can give back in terms of time and ideas to an organization that has given me so much in such a short time.

Jan Fransen

Jan Fransen, University of Minnesota

I'm Jan Fransen and I've been an Engineering Librarian at the University of Minnesota since 2008. I joined ASEE's Engineering Libraries Division during my first week at the U of M, and presented during the very first session of my very first ELD conference in 2009. Since then I've been a regular attendee, presented a second paper, presented a poster, and participated in the lightning talks. I'm a past member of the Scholarly Communications Committee, and now lead a small group within the Assessment & Standards Committee.

At the University of Minnesota, I work with students, faculty, and researchers in Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and History of Science & Technology. Over the past few months, I've also been co-chairing the implementation team for University of Minnesota Libraries' new discovery layer. As we work through the issues involved in rolling out a tool like this, I've found the people I've met through ELD and other professional organizations to be an invaluable resource. I'm interested in taking on the Director role because I'd like to play a part in facilitating the events that bring us together with our engineering librarian colleagues. The information sharing and relationship building of the annual conference keep me (and I suspect others) engaged in conversations about issues in our corner of the library world all year round.

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