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For descriptions of the offices, click on the job titles.
A list of past directors is available as is a list of past committees.

Please note: the position descriptions linked below are out-of-date and expect to be updated during fall 2014.

Division Officer Operating Manual

ASEE ELD Office Person Title/Address/Email
Division Chair Megan Sapp Nelson
Engineering Librarian and Associate Professor of Library Science
Purdue University Libraries
ENGR 504 West State Street
West Lafayette IN 47907-2058
ph: (765) 494-2871
Program Chair and Chair Elect Anne Rauh

Engineering and Computer Science Librarian
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave
Syracuse, NY 13244
Secretary-Treasurer Craig Beard
Reference Librarian for Engineering
Mervyn H. Sterne Library
University of Alabama at Birmingham
917 13th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35205
Immediate Past Chair Adriana Popescu
Engineering Librarian
Engineering Library/Friend Center
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544
ph: (609) 258-6567
Director, 2013-2015 Jon Jeffryes Biomedical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering and Standards Librarian
Science/Engineering Reference
108 Walter Library
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
309 19th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
ph:(612) 625-3814
Director, 2014-2016 Jan Fransen
Engineering Librarian
Walter Library
117 Pleasant Street SE
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN 55455
ph: 612-624-7446
ASEE ELD Committee/Task Force Chair Committee/Task Force Members
Accreditation and Standards
Diana Wheeler
Members: Ted Baldwin, Jay Bhatt, Bernadette Ewen, Michael J. Fosmire, Jan Fransen, Najwa Hanel, David Hubbard, Charles Uth, Karen Vagts, Tom Volkening, Patricia Watkins
Cecilia Mullen, 2013-2015  
Awards Alice Trussell, 2013-2015
Members: Judy Brink, Ursula Ellis, Julia Gelfand, Anne Glorioso, Jim Van Loon
Bylaws Review Amy Van Epps
Members: Craig Beard, Mel DeSart, Jon Jeffryes, John Napp, Bruce Neville
Amy Buhler, 2014-2016
Members: Robin Dasler, Mel DeSart, Lisa Dunn, Jan Fransen, Bob Heyer-Gray, Jon Jeffryes, Ibironke Lawal, Stephen Stich, Larry Thompson, Amy Van Epps
Duplicates Exchange
Electronic Discussion Lists Mel DeSart, 2013-2015
Member: Craig Beard
Liaisons Program
Mary Strife, 2013-2015

ACRL/STS - Amy Van Epps
ACS - vacant
ASIS&T - vacant
IATUL - Jay Bhatt
IFLA - vacant
NSDL - vacant
PIUG - vacant
SLA/Engineering - vacant
SLA/PAM - vacant
SLA/Sci-Tech - vacant
SPARC -vacant
Membership Dave Schmitt, 2014-2016
Members: James Bierman, Susan Boyd, James Clasper, Scott Curtis, Bette Finn, Norma Godavari, Pauline Melgoza
Membership Directory Bernadette Ewen, 2013-2015

Kevin Drees, 2013-2015
Members: Jay Bhatt, Carol Brach, Scott Curtis, Sarah Jane Dooley, John Napp, Bruce Neville, Sharon Siegler, Mary Strife, Tom Volkening
Newsletter Jim Van Fleet , 2013-2015
Editorial Board: Lee A. Cummings, Paul Grochowski, Janis Tyhurst  
Adriana Popescu , 2014-2015
Members: Bob Heyer-Gray, Sarah Lester

Scott Curtis, 2014-2016

Members: Giovanna Badia, Kristin Buxton, Danielle Dennie, Samuel Dyal, Kevin Drees, Sylvia George-Williams, Randall Halverson, David Hubbard, Jon Jeffryes, Patricia Kirkwood, Kari Kozak, Jeff McAdams, Pauline Melgoza, Ann Morgan, Debbie Morrow, Florence Mugambi, John Napp, Bruce Neville, Nestor Osorio, Daniela Solomon, James E. Van Loon, Jenny Wong-Welch, George Zajdel, Jennifer Zhao, Peter Zuber
Scholarly Communication Committee
Mel DeSart, 2014-2015
Members:See Website
  Members: Ed Eckel, Deborah Helman, Carol Salomon, Sandy Tucker, Tom Volkening, Michael White
  Members: Jay Bhatt, Mel DeSart, Jan Fransen
  • Author Rights
  Members: Mel DeSart, Megan Sapp Nelson
  • Conference Panel
  Members: Jay Bhatt, Susan Boyd, Tracy Primich, Val Tucci
  • Tutorial

Members: (Christa) Michelle Spence, Julia Gelfand, James VanFleet, Tom Volkening
Webmaster Julie Cook, 2013-2015
Members: Angela Locknar, Michael White

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