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For descriptions of the offices, click on the job titles. A list of past directors is available as is a list of past committees.

Division Officer Operating Manual

ASEE ELD Office Person Title/Address/Phone
Division Chair Craig Beard
Reference Librarian for Engineering
Mervyn H. Sterne Library
University of Alabama at Birmingham
917 13th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35205
ph:(205) 934-6364
Program Chair and Chair Elect
Bruce Neville

Science and Engineering Librarian
110A Sterling C. Evans Library
5000 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-5000
ph:(979) 845-7572
Secretary-Treasurer William Baer
Research Services Librarian for Engineering
University of Notre Dame
149 Fitzpatrick Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
ph:(574) 631-5070
Immediate Past Chair Anne Rauh
Librarian for Science & Engineering; Interim Collection Development and Analysis Librarian
Carnegie Library
Syracuse University
Syracuse NY 13244
ph:(315) 443-9770
Director, 2015-2017 Julie Cook
Information Services Librarian
University of Washington Engineering Library
Box 352170
Seattle, WA 98195-2170
Director, 2016-2018 John Napp
Engineering Librarian & Associate Professor of Library Administration
Palmer Hall 2600
University of Toledo
Toledo, OH 43606
ph:(419) 530-3948
ASEE ELD Committee/Task Force Chair Committee/Task Force Members
Accreditation and Standards
Dave Hubbard, 2016-2018

Members: Julie Arendt, Jay Bhatt, Bernadette Ewen, Najwa Hanel, Tom Volkening, Patricia Watkins
Zachary Painter, 2015-2017
Awards Alice Trussell, 2015-2017
Members: Buenaventura “Ven” Basco, Jay Bhatt, Judy Brink, Julia Gelfand, Anne Glorioso, Lisha Li, James Van Loon

Amy Buhler, 2016-2018
Members: Julie Cook, Mel DeSart, Lisa Dunn, Bob Heyer-Gray, Kari Kozak, Ibironke Lawal, Stephen Stich, Larry Thompson, Amy Van Epps
Electronic Discussion Lists Mel DeSart, 2015-2017
Member: Craig Beard
Membership Dave Schmitt, 2016-2018
Members: James Bierman, Susan Boyd, James Clasper, Scott Curtis, Bette Finn, Norma Godavari, Pauline Melgoza
Membership Directory Bernadette Ewen,

Kevin Drees, 2015-2017
Members: Willie Baer, Jay Bhatt, Sarah Jane Dooley, Paula Johnson, John Napp, Bruce Neville, Nestor Osorio, Mary Strife, Tom Volkening
Newsletter Lee Cummings, 2015-2017
Editorial Board: Paul Grochowski, David Hubbard, Michelle Spence
Megan Sapp-Nelson, 2016-2018
Members: Bob Heyer-Gray

Scott Curtis, 2016-2018

Members: Giovanna Badia, Kristin Buxton, Danielle Dennie, Samuel Dyal, Kevin Drees, Sylvia George-Williams, Randall Halverson, David Hubbard, Patricia Kirkwood, Kari Kozak, Jeff McAdams, Ann Morgan, Debbie Morrow, Florence Mugambi, John Napp, Bruce Neville, Nestor Osorio, Daniela Solomon, James E. Van Loon, Jenny Wong-Welch, George Zajdel, Jennifer Zhao
Robyn Rosenberg, 2015-2017
Members: Jay Bhatt, Lee Cummings, Mel DeSart, Lisa Dunn, Julia Gelfand, Sylvia George-Williams, Paula Johnson, Florence Mugambi, Robyn Rosenberg, Sara Samuel, Michelle Spence, Charles Uth, Jim Van Loon, Tom Volkening, Michael White, George Zajdel
Webmaster Julie Cook, 2015-2017
Members: Angela Locknar, Michael White

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