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A list of past directors is available as is a list of past committees.

Division Officer Operating Manual

ASEE ELD Office Person Title/Address/Email
Division Chair Adriana Popescu Engineering Librarian
Engineering Library/Friend Center
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544
ph: (609) 258-6567
Program Chair and Chair Elect Megan Sapp Nelson
Engineering Librarian and Associate Professor of Library Science
Purdue University Libraries
ENGR 504 West State Street
West Lafayette IN 47907-2058
ph: (765) 494-2871
Secretary-Treasurer Anne Rauh Engineering and Computer Science Librarian
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave
Syracuse, NY 13244
Immediate Past Chair Doug McGee
Assistant Director for Engineering & Physical Sciences Libraries
Engineering Library
217 Towne Building
220 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6315
ph: (215) 898-8170
Director, 2013-2015 Jon Jeffryes Biomedical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering and Standards Librarian
Science/Engineering Reference
108 Walter Library
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
309 19th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
ph:(612) 625-3814
Director, 2013-2014 Amy Buhler Acting Chair, Associate University Librarian
L-209B, Marston Science Library
University of Florida
PO Box 117011
Gainesville, FL 32611-7011
ph: (352) 273-2879
ASEE ELD Committee/Task Force Chair Committee/Task Force Members
Accreditation and Standards

Diana Wheeler
Members: Ted Baldwin, Jay Bhatt, Bernadette Ewen, Michael J. Fosmire, Janet Franzen, Najwa Hanel, David Hubbard, Charles Uth, Karen Vagts, Tom Volkening, Patricia Watkins
Archivist Cecilia Mullen, 2013-2015  
Awards Alice Trussell, 2013-2015
Members: Craig Beard, Judy Brink, Julia Gelfand, Aleteia Greenwood,
Patricia Kirkwood
Bylaws Review Amy Van Epps
Members: Craig Beard, Mel DeSart, Jon Jeffryes, John Napp, Bruce Neville
Development Larry Thompson, 2012-2014
Members: Amy Buhler, Robin Dasler, Mel DeSart, Lisa Dunn, Aleteia Greenwood, Bob Heyer-Gray, Jon Jeffryes, Ibironke Lawal, Stephen Stich, Amy Van Epps
Duplicates Exchange Linda Yamamoto
Electronic Discussion Lists Mel DeSart, 2013-2015
Member: Craig Beard
Liaisons Program
Mary Strife, 2013-2015

ACRL/STS - Amy Van Epps
ACS - vacant
ASIS&T - vacant
IATUL - Jay Bhatt
IFLA - vacant
NSDL - vacant
PIUG - vacant
SLA/Engineering - vacant
SLA/PAM - vacant
SLA/Sci-Tech - vacant
SPARC -vacant
Membership Dave Schmitt , 2012-2014
Members: James Bierman, Susan Boyd, James Clasper, Scott Curtis, Bette Finn,
Norma Godavari, Pauline Melgoza
Membership Directory Bernadette Ewen, 2013-2015

Kevin Drees, 2013-2015
Members: Jay Bhatt, Carol Brach, Scott Curtis, Sarah Jane Dooley, Deborah Kegel, John Napp, Bruce Neville, Jill Powell, Sharon Siegler, Mary Strife
Newsletter Jim Van Fleet , 2013-2015
Editorial Board: William Baer, Lee A. Cummings, Paul Grochowski, Janis Tyhurst  
Doug McGee, 2013-2014
Members: Nancy Linden, Angie Locknar

Craig Beard, 2012-2014

Members: James Bierman, Scott Curtis, Paige Gibbs, David Hubbard, Jon Jeffryes,Doug McGee, Ann E. Morgan, Bruce Neville, Mary Schlembach
Scholarly Communication Committee
Jon Jeffryes, 2013-2015
Members:See Website
  Members: Ed Eckel, Deborah Helman, Carol Salomon, Sandy Tucker, Tom Volkening, Mike White
  Members: Jay Bhatt, Mel DeSart, Janet Fransen
  • Author Rights
  Members: Mel DeSart, Megan Sapp Nelson
  • Conference Panel
  Members: Jay Bhatt, Susan Boyd, Tracy Primich, Val Tucci
  • Tutorial

Members: (Christa) Michelle Spence, Julia Gelfand, James VanFleet, Tom Volkening
Webmaster Julie Cook, 2013-2015
Members: Angela Locknar, Michael White

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