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Committee Chair 2013-2015: , University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Scholarly Communication Committee description and Charge

Subcommittees and Tasks

Conference Panel:
Jay Bhatt, Susan Boyd, Tracy Primich, Val Tucci
ELD Scholarly Communication in Engineering blog
Blog Committee: Jay Bhatt, Mel DeSart, Janet Fransen

Engineering publishers' Author rights:
Mel DeSart, Megan Sapp Nelson


Best Practices: Jill Dixon, Ed Eckel, Deborah Helman, Jody Hoesly, Sandy Tucker, Tom Volkening, Mike White

Tutorial: Michelle Baratta, Julia Gelfand, Caroline Smith, James VanFleet, Tom Volkening

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DASER 2 Summit: Digital Archives for Science & Engineering Resources. held December 2-4, 2005, College Park, MD

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