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Guidelines for Special Interest Groups in ELD
  1. The ELD Executive Committee, and specifically, the second year Director will oversee all ELD Special Interest Groups.

  2. Each SIG will have a volunteer coordinator appointed by the EC at the ASEE Annual Conference for a two-year term. The second year Director will represent SIG Coordinators on the Extended Executive Committee. Coordinators will submit annual reports to the second year Director for inclusion in the May Newsletter.

  3. Special interest groups are charged to facilitate the exchange of ideas among scholars on a specific topic of common interest, mainly via e-mail forums. They can also, if interested, coordinate special conference programming under the direction of the Program Chair. Any additional activities, such as sponsoring an event or producing official publications must be approved by EC. SIG list-servs are open to members and non-members alike.

Submitted to ASEE-Engineering Libraries Division Executive Committee
by Greg Raschke, Second Year Director and Chair of the Awards Committee
Date: 09/05/2003

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