Dalton Research Group


Brenden Carlson

Currently a graduate student at the University of Washington
BS in Chemistry - 1995 University of Washington
Research Interests - Polymer Science
Hobbies: Model train collecting


Carlson, Brenden; Phelan, Gregory D.; Kaminsky, Werner; Dalton, Larry; Jiang, Xuezhong; Liu, Sen; Jen, Alex K. Y.  Divalent Osmium Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, Strong Red Phosphorescence, and Electrophosphorescence.    Journal of the American Chemical Society  (2002),  124(47),  14162-14172.  

Jiang, Xuezhong; Jen, Alex K. Y.; Carlson, Brenden; Dalton, Larry R.  Red-emitting electroluminescent devices based on osmium-complexes-doped blend of poly(vinylnaphthalene) and 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivative.    Applied Physics Letters  (2002),  81(17),  3125-3127.

Carlson, Brenden; Khalil, Gamal; Gouterman, Martin; Dalton, Larry.  Novel pressure/oxygen sensing coatings based upon iridium complexes and fluorinated polymers.    Polymer Preprints (American Chemical Society, Division of Polymer Chemistry)  (2002),  43(2),  590-591.  

Phelan, Gregory D.; Carlson, Brenden; Dalton, Larry; Jiang, Xuezhong; Jen, Alex K. Y.  Improved performance from an organic electroluminescent device containing rare earth complexes.    Polymer Preprints (American Chemical Society, Division of Polymer Chemistry)  (2002),  43(2),  580-581.

Carlson, Brenden; Jiang, Xuezhong; Liu, Michelle; Liu, Sen; Jen, Alex K-Y.; Dalton, Larry.  Organic electroluminescent device based upon 4,7-bis(p-methoxyphenyl)-1,10-phenanthroline containing divalent osmium complexes.    Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering  (2002),  86  210-211.

Phelan, Greg D.; Jiang, Xuezhong; Carlson, Brenden; Purvis, Lafe J., II; Jen, Alex K-Y.; Dalton, Larry R.  Organic electroluminescent device based on fluorinated europium complex.    Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering  (2002),  86  208-209.

Phelan, Greg D.; Carlson, Brenden; Purvis, Lafe J., II; Lee, David; Jiang, Xuezhong; Jen, Alex K.-Y.; Dalton, Larry R.  Design and synthesis of electroluminescent europium complexes containing asymmetrical fluorinated aryl diketone ligands.    Abstracts of Papers, 223rd ACS National Meeting, Orlando, FL, United States, April 7-11, 2002

Jiang, Xuezhong; Jen, Alex K.-Y.; Carlson, Brenden; Dalton, Larry R.  Red electrophosphorescence from osmium complexes.    Applied Physics Letters  (2002),  80(5),  713-715.

World Patent number WO0208215 Dalton, Larry R.; Jen, Alex Kwan-Yue; Londergan, Timothy; Carlson, William Brenden; Phelan, Gregory; Huang, Diyun; Casmier, Daniel; Ewy, Todd; Buker, Nicholas.  Hyperpolarizable organic chromophores.

J. Osborne, K. Blohowiak, S. Taylor, C. Hunter, G. Bierwagon, B. Carlson, D. Bernard, M. Donley, Testing and evaluation of nonchromated coating systems for aerospace applications, Process in Organic Coatings 41 (2001) 217-225.

Puklin, Eileen; Carlson, Brenden; Gouin, Sebastien; Costin, Colin; Green, Edmond; Ponomarev, Sergey; Tanji, Hideaki; Gouterman, Martin.  Ideality of pressure-sensitive paint. I. Platinum tetra(pentafluorophenyl)porphine in fluoroacrylic polymer.    Journal of Applied Polymer Science  (2000),  77(13),  2795-2804.

United States Patent number 5,965,642 for Acrylic and fluoroacrylic polymers for oxygen pressure sensing and pressure-sensitive paints utilizing these polymers (1999)

Dalton, Larry R.; Steier, William H.; Robinson, Bruce H.; Zhang, Chang; Ren, Albert; Garner, Sean; Chen, Antao; Londergan, Timothy; Irwin, Lindsey; Carlson, Brenden; Fifield, Leonard; Phelan, Gregory; Kincaid, Clint; Amend, Joseph; Jen, Alex.  From molecules to opto-chips: organic electro-optic materials.    Journal of Materials Chemistry  (1999),  9(9),  1905-1920.


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