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Bruce E. Eichinger

Full C.V.

An Appreciation - Bruce's Bio-sketch in Computational and Theoretical Polymer Science Vol. I, No. 3/4, pp. vii-xii, 1998)

Educational Background

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, B.S. (Chemistry), 1963
Stanford University, Stanford, California, Ph.D., 1967

Employment Record (including positions and ranks):

1967-1975: Yale University, Postdoctoral Research Associate
1968-1975: University of Washington, Assistant Professor
1975-1980: University of Washington, Associate Professor
1980-1991: University of Washington, Professor
1985-1986: University of Washington, Acting Chairman
1987: Biosym Technologies, Inc., Technical Director, Polymers
1989-1994: University of Washington, Affiliate Faculty
1994-1995: Biosym Technologies, Inc., Fellow
1995-2001: Molecular Simulations Inc., Fellow
2001-Present: Accelrys, Fellow
2003-Present: University of Washington, Staff Scientist

Honors, Awards, Invited Lectures

Listing in American Men & Women of Science

Vice Chairman - Gordon Conference on Elastomers 1987

Chairman - Gordon Conference on Elastomers 1988

Chairman - Frontiers in Rubber Science, Rubber Division of ACS, 1989

Chairman - Networks 92, 1992

Industrial Advisory Board - UCSB MRL, 1993-

Selected Lectures and Articles


ACS Polymer Modeling Workshop, Akron, Ohio, September, 1997-present

Materials Research Society, Invited lecture, April, 2000.

CAMD Seoul, Korea, June, 2000

Dow Chemical Technical Advisory Board Meeting, Houston, October, 2000

ACS PMSE Autumn, 2001

Recent Publications

The Structure of Amorphous Sulfur, B. E. Eichinger, Erich Wimmer, Jannie Pretorius, Macromol. Symp., 171, 45-56 (2001).

Estimating elastic constants by averaging over simulated structures, U. W. Suter and B. E. Eichinger, Polymer, 43, 575-582 (2002).

Cohesive properties of Ultem and related molecules from simulations, B. E. Eichinger, D. Rigby, and J. Stein, Polymer, 43, 599-607 (2002).

Polymer Modeling, David Rigby and B. E. Eichinger, Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 5, 445-450 (2001)

A Quantum Mechanical Study of the Bonding of a Silyl Ester to Hydrated Alumina, B. E. Eichinger and Judith Stein, Surface Science, 492, 75-82 (2001).

Formation of Polydimethylsiloxane Gels, J. L. Braun, J. E. Mark, and B. E. Eichinger, Macromolecules, 35, 5273-82 (2002).

Molecular Modeling, B. E. Eichinger and R. Khare, Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology, Invited article, available online at <>.

Polymer Modeling: Where has it Been and Where is it Going?, D. Rigby and B. E. Eichinger, Macromol. Symp., 201, 47-56 (2003).

Systematic Study of the Structure-Property Relationship of a Series of Ferrocenyl Nonlinear Optical Chromophores, Yi. Liao, Bruce E. Eichinger, Kimberly A. Firestone, Marnie Haller, Jindong Luo, Werner Kaminsky, Jason B. Benedict, Philip J. Reid, Alex K.-Y. Jen, Larry R. Dalton, Bruce H. Robinson, J. Am. Chem. Soc., in press.

Embeddable Random Networks: Method, B. E. Eichinger, Polymer, in press

High Accuracy Hyperpolarizabilities of Gas Phase Moleucules: Chloroform, Water, and p-Nitroaniline, E. R. Davidson, B. H. Robinson, B. E. Eichinger, in preparation.

Influence of Isomerization on Non-Linear Optical Properties of Molecules, T. Kinnibrugh, S. Bhattacharjee, P. A. Sullivan, B. H. Robinson, B. E. Eichinger, in preparation.

























































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