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Dan Sluss

Fifth year graduate student in Chemistry and Nanotechnology
M.S. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Washington, 2004
B.A. in Chemistry from Willamette University, 2002

Current Research Interests
Single molecule microscopy
Micro fabrication
Electrode design


1)  Wallace, P. M.; Sluss, D. R. B.; Dalton, L. R.; Robinson, B. H.; Reid, P. J. "Single-molecule microscopy studies of molecular rotational dynamics in chromophore-polymer composite materials."  J. Phys. Chem. B 2005, 110, 75.
2)  Sluss, D. R. B.; Wallace, P. M.; Truong, K.D.; Robinson, B. H.; Dalton, L. R.; Reid, P. J. "Single-molecule confocal microscopy studies of electric-field induced orientation in chromophore-polymer composite materials."  Proc. of SPIE 2006, 6331, 63310K-1.

Previous Research Interests
Mapping binary and ternary liquid phase diagrams using the cloud point technique

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