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Ivan Shuvalov

  • 3-rd year graduate student in the Department of Electrical Engineering
  • MSEE from the University of Washington

Research interests: optoelectronic device fabrication and characterization

Current projects: organic based thin film transistors (OTFTs), flexible OTFT arrays and their application to integrated optoelectronic devices (flexible monitors, RFID tags), self-assembled monolayer influence on OTFT performance.

Professional memberships, awards and publications:

  • 2004 WRF Capital/Gates Technology fellow
  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) member
  • SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering) member
  • “Systematic Studies of Organic Thin Film Transistor Improvements” SPIE West 2004 proceedings
  • “Influence of self-assembled monolayers on OTFT performance” Optics East 2004 proceedings.
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