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Arumugasamy Elangovan, Ph.D.


Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, Seattle 98195-1700 Tel: 206.685.3883

Current position : Acting Instructor
Responsibilities: Providing day-to-day leadership and assisting Professor Larry R. Dalton in mentoring a diverse group of graduate students, undergraduates, and postdoctoral scientists. Conducting research on the design, synthesis and development of new organic NLO chromophores with high electo-optic coefficient.

Current Classes (Winter 2009): CHEM 241AH and 241 AQ (CHB 128 - T, Th; and CHB 111 - W, F)


Current interest:  Design and development of novel organic molecules useful as materials in electronics, telecommunication and information technology.

Strategy:  Exploitation of the ability of organic molecules to interact with, and respond to light and electric field.

Design approach starts with the use of theoretical modeling involving, in addition to other models, Density Functional Theory as the major tool for the design of molecules to predict the various properties such as energy, dipole, molecular orbital energy levels, molecular polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities – properties of molecules that get altered in response towards external stimuli such as electromagnetic radiations and electric field.

Translation of the molecular properties into bulk properties lies in the ability to realize the synthesis of materials and use them for application in devices such as electro-optic modulators, optical limiters, in biological analysis and as data storage devices. Intensive research efforts are under way to realize material syntheses in several grams scale.

General research interests: Organic photonics; Optoelectronic materials; Molecular electronics; Macromolecules and Supramolecular Chemistry; Host-Guest Chemistry; Liquid Crystals; OLED. Design and development of new catalysts, reactions, techniques and methodology; Structurally novel organic molecules; Synthesis and study of photophysical properties of donor-acceptor ethenes, ethynes, eneynes and diynes; Nanoscience and Technology; Fullerene and Carbon Nanotube Chemistry; Self Assembly.

Ph. D.: Mar.1999 (Chemistry) University of Madras, India.
Masters: Apr. 1991 (Chemistry) University of Madras, India.
Undergraduate: Mar. 1989 (Chemistry) University of Madras, India.
Nov 2001 – Apr 2005. Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei 106, Taiwan.
May 2000–November 2001. Scientist–C: Anabond Ltd., Chennai, India.
July 1999–April 2000. Research Consultant: Chimique Laboratories (I) Ltd., Chennai, India.
July 1993–November 1993. Research Assistant: Amrutanjan Ltd., Chennai, India.
Dec. 1991–June 1993. Laboratory Chemist: Chimique Laboratories, Chennai, India.

Recent Publications (Click on the pdf icon to access a copy of the paper)

1.Davies, Joshua A.; Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Sullivan, Philip A.; Olbricht, Benjamin C.; Bale, Denise H.; Ewy, Todd R.; Eichinger, Bruce E.; Robinson, Bruce H.; Reid, Philip J.; Isborn, Christine M.; Li, Xiaosong; Dalton, Larry R. Rational Enhancement of Second-order Nonlinearity: Bis-(4-methoxyphenyl)-heteroaryl-amino Donor–Based Chromophores – Design, Synthesis and Electro-optic Activity Journal of the American Chemical Society (2008),130, 10565–10575.pdf

2. Chen, A.; Sun, H.; Pyayt, A.;Zhang, X.; Luo, J.; Jen, A.; Sullivan, P. A.; Elangovan, S.; Dalton, L. R.; Dinu, R.; Jin, D.; Huang, D. Chromophore-Containing Polymers for Trace Explosive Sensors, Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2008), 112, 8072. pdf

3.Lai, Ke-Yin; Chu, Tse-Min; Hong, Franklin Chau-Nan; Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Kao, Kuo-Ming; Yang, Shu-Wen; Ho, Tong-Ing.    Excimer emission from a novel ethyne-based fluorescent dye in organic light-emitting devices.    Surface and Coatings Technology (2006),  200(10),  3283-3288. pdf

4. Yang, Shu-Wen; Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Hwang, Kuo-Chu; Ho, Tong-Ing. Electronic Polarization Reversal and Excited State Intramolecular Charge Transfer in Donor/Acceptor Ethynylpyrenes. Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2005), 109(35), 16628-16635. pdf

5. Lin, Jui-Hsien; Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Ho, Tong-Ing. Structure-Property Relationships in Conjugated Donor-Acceptor Molecules Based on Cyanoanthracene: Computational and Experimental Studies. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2005), 70(18), 7397-7407. pdf

6. Samori, Shingo; Tojo, Sachiko; Fujitsuka, Mamoru; Yang, Shu-Wen; Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Ho, Tong-Ing; Majima, Tetsuro. Efficient Emission from Charge Recombination during the Pulse Radiolysis of Electrochemical Luminescent Donor-Acceptor Molecules with an Ethynyl Linkage. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2005), 70(17), 6661-6668. pdf

7. Samori, Shingo; Hara, Michihiro; Tojo, Sachiko; Fujitsuka, Mamoru; Yang, Shu-Wen; Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Ho, Tong-Ing; Majima, Tetsuro. Efficient Emission from Charge Recombination during the Pulse Radiolysis of Electrochemical Luminescent Substituted Quinolines with Donor-Acceptor Character. Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2005), 109(23), 11735-11742. pdf

8. Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Kao, Kuo-Ming; Yang, Shu-Wen; Chen, Yu-Ling; Ho, Tong-Ing; Su, Yuhlong Oliver. Synthesis, Electronic Properties, and Electrochemiluminescence of Donor-Substituted Phenylethynylanthronitriles. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2005), 70(11), 4460-4469. pdf

9. Ho, Tong-Ing; Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Hsu, Hsien-Yi; Yang, Shu-Wen. Highly Fluorescent N,N-Dimethylaminophenylethynylarenes: Synthesis, Photophysical Properties, and Electrochemiluminescence. Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2005), 109(18), 8626-8633. pdf

10. Yang, Shu-Wen; Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Ho, Tong-Ing. Donor-substituted phenyl-pi-chromones: electrochemiluminescence and intriguing electronic properties. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences (2005), 4(4), 327-332. pdf

11. Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Chiu, Hsing-Hua; Yang, Shu-Wen; Ho, Tong-Ing. Arylethynylacridines: electrochemiluminescence and photophysical properties. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2004), 2(21), 3113-3118. pdf

12. Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Lin, Jui-Hsien; Yang, Shu-Wen; Hsu, Hsien-Yi; Ho, Tong-Ing. Synthesis and Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence of Donor-Substituted Phenylethynylcoumarins. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2004), 69(23), 8086-8092. pdf

13. Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Yang, Shu-Wen; Lin, Jui-Hsien; Kao, Kuo-Ming; Ho, Tong-Ing. Synthesis and electrogenerated chemiluminescence of donor-substituted phenylquinolinylethynes and phenylisoquinolinylethynes: effect of positional isomerism. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2004), 2(11), 1597-1602. pdf

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